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Private Placement Adoption Questions

Private placement adoption can be an option for many families. One of the more streamlined adoptions, private placement can often solve problems in an otherwise difficult adoption. Many families find themselves in a legal nightmare when trying to plan adoption on their own. For those legal questions that require experience, many people take their questions to Family Lawyers on JustAnswer. Below are five of the top questions that have been answered by the experts.

Can a person adopt a partner’s child without being married?

There are many couples who have been in long term relationships and choose not to marry. In some situations, a person may wish to adopt their partner’s child. In these types of situations, you may try a private placement/second parent adoption. You will need to contact a local adoption attorney. They can petition the court and set up your home study.

Generally speaking, a stepparent adoption is less costly than a private placement adoption. Usually, after you file your petition, the court will want to do a home study on your family. However they may waive this step depending on their assessment of your case. The next step would be a hearing to finalize the adoption.

How would someone legally adopt a relative’s child?

Many people adopt children within their own family for a variety of reasons. The situations may vary but the reason is usually to keep a child with family and not be placed in foster care. Many people are unaware of how streamlined the process is. Usually the first step would be to file a petition to terminate the biological parent’s paternal rights and permit a private placement adoption. Once the petition has been filed, the court usually requires a home study of your family. After the home study, the court will set a hearing to finalize the adoption.

How would someone adopt their stepchild’s baby?

The first step you would take is to file a petition to terminate the biological parent’s rights and to permit an interfamily private placement adoption. Once the petition has been filed, the court usually orders a home study of the family who wishes to adopt. After the home study is completed, a hearing will be set to finalize the adoption.

Can one false accusation effect the outcome of a home study?

Generally, an agency is not required to continue with a home study or proceed with an adoption. You may want to consider a private placement adoption through an attorney or another agency. When situations like this arise, many people bring their legal questions to Family Lawyers on JustAnswer. Experts on JustAnswer can answer tough legal questions about private placement adoption and discuss the best option for your individual situation.

Can a person get custody of a child that has been left with them without the consent of the mother?

There are situations that may require a person to have custodial rights of a child in their care. Trips to the hospital or enrollment in school require the signature of a biological or custodial parent. People often find themselves in these situations when a family member or friend leaves a child and does not return for long periods of time. Many people choose to seek custody of the child in order to provide proper legal rights. However, it can be difficult to obtain court order for custody without parental consent. The child may be placed in foster care until the case can be evaluated with no guarantee that the child would be returned to you.

You could try to get the parents to agree to a private placement adoption. If the parents are not in agreement to a private placement adoption, you could have them sign an educational power of attorney. This will allow you to enroll the child in school and meet with the child’s teachers. You could also have the parents give you a medical power of attorney, allowing you to seek medical attention for the child. You can purchase the power of attorney forms at a local office supply store.

Sometimes you need to talk to someone with legal insight. When dealing with a private placement adoption, you may want to talk to an Expert, not a friend. When you want legal experience and informative answers, you can ask a Family Lawyer on JustAnswer.
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