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Toyota Prius Problems

What should be done when the Check Engine light comes on in a Toyota Prius? Can an aftermarket catalytic converter be fitted on a Toyota Prius? How are fault codes analyzed? These are just a few of the common questions that Prius owners often have to grapple with. While the Toyota Prius is a reliable car, the complexity of the hybrid drive system can often leave owners and mechanics searching for answers. The right place to get the information needed to ensure that Toyota Prius repairs are done properly is by obtaining assistance and guidance from Experts.

Read below where Experts have answered questions regarding the Toyota Prius.

The Check Engine light is on in a Toyota Prius a workshop says the catalytic converter needs changed, does this have to be done immediately ?

In the early stages of catalytic converter failure there are no noticeable symptoms or effects on performance. However, over time as the converters’ ability to clean the exhaust continues to reduce, issues will appear and Toyota Prius engine problems like oxygen sensor failure will appear. Also with the Check Engine light on, the car will not pass the Safety and Emissions test that may be required. So while the catalytic converter doesn’t have to be replaced immediately, the sooner it is done the better.

A shop is quoting $1,700 for replacing the catalytic converter on a Toyota Prius, can aftermarket parts be bough cheaper?

The cost of a Toyota Prius catalytic converter is about $1,193. The labor time guide says that about 0.6 hours will be required for the job. While labor rates vary from shop to shop, between $85 to $125 would be a fair labor cost. The estimate of $1,700 seems to be high. It may be a good idea to check with other shops. Fitting an aftermarket converter is a risk. If the unit does not meet Toyota specs, the Check Engine light will reappear in a very short time requiring another replacement to be done.

A Toyota Prius is showing error code P3000. A mechanic says it is a battery issue. Does the battery need to be replaced?

To determine what is causing the P3000 code to appear the information code that is in conjunction with the error code will need to be read. There are 4 likely information codes:

• If it is 123 or 125 the cause could be a problem with the HV battery cooling system, blown HV fuse or a bad HV battery.

• If the code is 388 the cause could be a low battery charge because of leaving it in the N position, a low fuel state or a bad HV battery.

• If the code is 389 the main battery is dead because of a fault in the HV system.

It will be advisable to have the car checked at the dealer or a shop that specializes in Hybrids. The efforts of a non-specialist shop that is not familiar with Toyota Prius troubleshooting could make matter worse.

How much will it cost to replace the front bumper cover on a 2012 Toyota Prius?

The wholesale price of the front bumper cover for a Toyota Prius is about $195 and it retails for around $256, so the cost should be somewhere between these two figures. Painting and refinishing will cost about $250 to $300. Labor rates vary from shop to shop checking around may result in some savings here. The average labor time for this job is about 3 hours.

What is the best engine oil for a Toyota Prius?

The optimum oil for a Toyota Prius is 5W30, unless the car is subject to very heavy use and operates in hot climates. In those conditions, 10W30 would be better.

While hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius are growing in popularity, they are yet to enter the mainstream. This coupled with the fact that the drive system is very different from that of the conventional internal combustion engine means that finding qualified repair and maintenance facilities can be difficult. When faced with uncertainties on Toyota Prius troubleshooting issues, getting the opinions and answers of Experts will provide the owner with the information needed to get the right repairs done.
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