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Nissan Primera Related Questions

Is the transmission of your Nissan Primera stuck or slipping? Are you having starting problems? Knowing what is wrong and how it can be fixed will enable you to make the right repair decisions. The recommendations of verified mechanical Experts will give you the information you need to choose the correct course of action.

Read below to see some of the questions Experts have answered.

Could the Primera transmission be damaged if it stopped moving because the fluid was very low?

Case Details: The vehicle continues to be immobile even after fluid has been topped up. 

Low transmission fluid levels can cause damage to the system. However, before considering transmission rebuild or replacement, there are other possibilities to be checked out. Drop the transmission fluid pan and check to see if the pickup screen and tube have fallen off and are in the bottom of the pan. If so replace them. Also, check to see if the screen is clogged with any dirt or debris If so, clean it. If the problem remains, then rebuilding or replacing the transmission may be the only solution. Note that if there is debris in the pan or on the screen, that indicates that the clutch packs are worn and the transmission will probably not last long.

What repair is required if a 2002 Primera is not shifting out of 3rd gear?

This kind of problem is typically caused by a connection or linkage issue. Remove all the connections on the gearbox in turn (important so that refitting them correctly is easy) and spray with contact cleaner. Check for tightness when refitting them. Check for and damaged or frayed wires and replace as required. If the problem remains, check the selector lever linkage and cable under the vehicle for any broken part or missing bolts and replace are required. If the problem persists, there could be an internal issue in the transmission that will need to be checked in a shop.

How can the automatic transmission of a 1997 Primera that slips and grabs in reverse be adjusted?

There is no adjustment that can be done to correct this problem. The automatic transmission operates on the pressure from the transmission fluid. A series of valves called the Valve Body directs the fluid pressure to the clutches for engagement. The gear slipping or grabbing indicates that the pressure is not holding. This could be because the seal is bad or the valves have blown so pressure cannot build up. The only way to fix the problem is to open up the transmission to repair the damage or to replace it.

What could cause a screeching sound to come from the belt area of a 1996 Primera?

Case Details: The noise initially was heard on startup but is now almost continuous.

The noise is likely from a failing bearing on one of the components driven by the belt. The fact that the noise is becoming more persistent tends to confirm this. The simplest way to isolate the source of the sound and the defective bearing is to use a length of garden hose like a stethoscope to find the exact place the sound emanates from. Extreme care must be used when working near a moving belt. Once the source is identified, the component can be replaced.

Why is it that at any setting above 18.5 degrees C the heater on a 2003 Primera works at full heat?

Case Details: Below 18 degrees C, only cold air blows.

The probable cause is an issue with the heat control knob rheostat or the blend door actuator. Most likely the control knob is sending is sending incorrect resistance signals, causing the blend doors to move to one extreme or the other (full cold or full hot). Replacing the knob should fix the problem.

Where can the crankshaft pulley and mass air flow sensor for a Japanese import 2004 Primera P12 with a Q25 engine be purchased in the U.S?

The engine for this model Primera is the same as the Infinti G20 that is sold in the U.S. Engine parts for the Infinti will fit the Primera. If not available at auto parts stores, they should be available online.

Why is a 1988 Primera with a new battery only making a clicking sound and not cranking?

These are the typical symptoms of a failed starter motor. The clicking sound indicates that power is reaching the starter but it is not working. One way to confirm this, is to have one person hold the key in the Start position while another taps the starter with a hammer. If the starter makes a noise or respond to the tap in any way, the issue here is confirmed. The internal bush contacts wear with use and by tapping the starter, the bushes may make temporary contact and cause the unit to react in some way. Replacing the starter should fix the problem.

Does replacing the diesel pump on a 2004 Primera 2.2 involve lifting up the engine and what is the labor time?

There is no need to lift the engine completely off to replace the pump. Access is tight, so the normal procedure is to lift it slightly off the mounts. There is no need to remove the exhaust or drop the subframe. The normal replacement time is 4-5 hours.

This article highlights some of the problems that can arise with a Nissan Primera. Whether you deal with them yourself or take the vehicle to a shop will depend on your mechanical knowledge and abilities. Whatever course of action you decide upon, the guidance of verified mechanical Experts will make the repairs easier and help to ensure the best results. You can contact Experts from the comfort of your home, at convenient times, to get customized answers to your questions.

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