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Connect one-on-one with an Expert

Find out how much you can save using online Experts

You can save yourself a ton of money and the hassle of waiting around by consulting an online Expert. JustAnswer offers a range of professional services with Experts such as doctors, lawyers, car mechanics, vets, tax attorneys, computer technicians and so much more.

Professionals charge the rates they do in traditional brick-and-mortar offices because of overhead business expenses — rental space, operating costs, employee salaries and more. Even professionals who offer home services such as plumbers or contractors pay for transportation expenses and advertising. Websites like JustAnswer are able to cut those costs for Experts and allow them to do what they do best — serving customers like you.



Lawyers fees can add up especially when you are charged by the hour. On JustAnswer you can ask unlimited follow-up questions until you are satisfied.

A side-by-side comparison of the amount you can save by using JustAnswer


How many times have you postponed going to the doctor because you either didn’t have medical insurance or didn’t think your question was pressing enough? You can gain peace of mind at an affordable price.

  • Office visit without insurance $68-$95

Average cost to ask a doctor on JustAnswer: $16-$52

*For emergency situations, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room



Vet costs can add up, especially after-hours.

  • After-hours office call (nights, weekends and holidays): $90-$120

Average cost to ask a vet on JustAnswer: $14-$36

*For emergency situations, please visit a veterinarian’s office


Home Improvement

You can save a ton of money just by doing the work yourself and consulting an Expert when you need help.

  • Visit from a plumber: $45-$60 or more depending on the issue
  • Weekend or night calls: $100 just for the call

Average cost to ask a contractor on JustAnswer: $12-$34


So besides money, what else are you saving by using JustAnswer?


Save time

No more waiting in waiting rooms or sitting idle at home during the 3-hour window that a repair person is supposed to arrive. You can get answers when you need them.

One of the great things about connecting with an online Expert is that JustAnswer has Experts working 24/7. That’s right. Your dog gets sick in the middle of the night and the vet is closed? JustAnswer is open.



Save yourself the trip to the repair shop and ask a question on JustAnswer and receive an answer in minutes. Why waste time when you can get things checked off your list from the comfort of your own home?


No more worrying

No more worrying about getting ripped off. You can use JustAnswer for second opinions to a car repair quote you get from your dealership or any kind of estimate/bill.

Jeremy was extremely helpful with my diesel engine issue, he got me up and running again! The tech got my medium duty truck up and running in the first reply. He saved me a tow bill and being at the mercy of the dealership. I know I would have been looking at a $1500.00 bill with towing and repairs.


Want the best value for your money?

You can ask unlimited questions to top-rated, experienced Experts for a low monthly rate. Ask a question on JustAnswer and sign up for a 7-day free trial to our Plus membership plan. As a member, you’ll get:

  • Faster answers — guaranteed!
  • Unlimited questions to 150+ Expert types
  • 2 free phone calls with Experts
  • Free second opinions
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