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Preterm Labor Problems

Preterm labor occurs when a woman goes into labor prior to the 37 week gestation period of the fetus. This can cause many risks to the fetus and most doctors strive to prevent labor from occurring until the pregnancy has reached full term. However, there are several situations that can cause preterm labor. To learn more about preterm labor and the treatments available, take a look below at the questions that have been answered by the Experts.

Can dehydration lead to preterm labor? And is it too soon to start losing your mucus plug at 27 weeks?

In many cases, preterm labor can be caused by dehydration. When a person becomes dehydrated, the volume of their blood dips as well. As a result of this, the body begins producing increasing amounts of oxytocin, which is a hormone that will cause the uterus to begin contracting, causing preterm labor. By keeping hydrated, a woman can lower the risk of preterm labor. It is also important to avoid labor at 27 weeks because many issues and complications may arise if this happens. In certain situations, a woman may lose a part of her mucus plug at an early stage of pregnancy. However, this will usually become a problem only if she also experiences pain, cramps or bleeding. Otherwise, it shouldn’t be any cause for concern. However, it would be advisable for her to see an OB/GYN anyway for an examination just to be on the safe side.

Can a bacterial infection cause preterm labor?

Generally, this would depend on the type of infection the woman has. Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) can lead to preterm labor in the later stages of pregnancy. However, this can be treated after the first trimester has passed using Flagyl. In many cases, drugs are not used in the first trimester since they can have an adverse effect on the fetus as the organs are in the process of being formed at this stage. Once the BV has been treated, there is usually a less risk of preterm labor. However, if the woman has contracted a sexually transmitted disease, she should be treated for this as soon as possible.

Can a road trip give a pregnant woman back pain and cramps leading to preterm labor?

Preterm labor or a possible miscarriage can become a possibility when associated with back and abdominal pain. While most pregnancies can withstand a road trip, if there is a risk of miscarriage or preterm labor, many doctors advise against it. If there is significant pain and discomfort, it is better to get this checked out by a doctor who can evaluate the case properly.

What drugs were given by IV to stop preterm labor about 25-26 years ago and would the drugs be responsible for a deformed septate uterus?

Magnesium sulfate, Ritodrine and Terbutaline were the most common IV drug used to stop preterm labor 25-26 years ago. The possibility of any of these drugs causing a septate uterus is unlikely since this kind of deformity is generally something a woman is born with and not as a result of the drugs. Preterm labor can be a traumatic occurrence for any woman. There are many causes of preterm labor and several questions often arise when a woman is faced with this situation. If you have any queries or concerns regarding preterm labor, get in touch with an Expert now. They can offer medical insights and solutions based on the details of your case.

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