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Insurance Premiums Questions

What is an insurance premium?

When a person has an insurance policy, the amount of money that is stipulated by the insurance company for the insurance policy holder to pay in order to maintain current insurance coverage is known as an insurance premium. The insurance premium price will vary from company to company even though they offer the same coverage and service. This is why many people research different insurance companies before buying an insurance policy. Listed below are questions answered by the Experts on issues related to insurance premiums.

A lawyer refuses to provide an itemized statement to a client who is trying to get reimbursed by their insurance company to whom they pay regular premiums. In this scenario, can the client sue the lawyer in small claims court? Itemized bills are given in some cases and are not provided in others. Unless there was an agreement to provide an itemized bill, the client may not have much success in suing the lawyer in small claims court. Also, if the client sues without a new lawyer, the current lawyer can counterclaim for the time spent in court and charge attorney fees. Therefore, it would be better for the client to double check their insurance policy and see if it requires an itemized bill. If it does not, it may be wiser to take this up with the insurance company.

In the State of California , what is the statue of limitations for the collection of loan on an unsecured insurance premium loan?

In the State of California, when it comes to a written agreement, the statute of limitations is four years from the date the contract was breached, as long as there was no payment made on the debt after the statute of limitations expired.

What can a person do if their bank paid an insurance premium that the person did not sign up for?

The insurance company and policy may have been handed to another company beside the one that the person originally signed up for and if this was the case, then the person had authorized it and this would impede any attempt to get reimbursed for the fees. The person would need to contact the new insurance company and make sure that they are not the ones that the agreement was signed through. If the insurance company is not the one that the person agreed to have insurance through, then the person would be entitled to reimbursement of any premium that was paid to them.

Who is responsible to pay the insurance premium—the mortgage company or the person who is paying the mortgage?

In a lot of cases, lenders pay the person’s annual insurance premium and require that the person pay a certain amount of their insurance premium in monthly installments in addition to their monthly mortgage payment. If the homeowner has insurance through one company, then it is usually the responsibility of the lender to make sure that the premium be paid to the right company.

Insurance premiums make it to where a person is covered by the insurance that the premiums are for. When a person is dealing with paying the premiums or figuring out what the premium will be, then there may be confusion regarding what the premium is for. When this confusion surfaces, then the person would want to consult an Expert to clear up any and all confusion.
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