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Business Practice Laws

What is a business practice?

A business practice is defined as a technique, procedure, development or rule that is followed by a company in the search of the company’s objective. A business practice can also refer to these collectively.

What is the ethical business practice?

When running an ethical business, those involved build an honest reputation in order to make sure that their business runs smoothly. In order to maintain an ethical business practice those company need to follow the statements listed below:
• Investors: the business needs to make sure they have a safe hold on their money and make a timely payment of any interests.
• Employers: when employing people the business needs to make sure there is are fair opportunities when handing out promotions and training, there is good working conditions, and the business in paying the employees in a timely fashion.
• Customer: when dealing with customers, the business needs to make sure that there is clear information on the service and product that is being offered, any personal information of the customers should not be used in order to gain personal success.
• Competition: any dishonest approaches or methods of any kind should be avoided when dealing with the business’ competition.
• Government: the rules and regulations that involve taxes, duties, restraining, and monopolistic trades and those unlawful actions that includes dishonesty and bribing should be upheld as well. • Environment: industries that have pollution as a by-product of doing business need to maintain the government norms regarding air, water and noise pollution.

What is the unethical business practice?

The financial section has many acts of violations of the standards to amass wealth in an unethical method. Below are some of the activities that related to the unethical business practice:
• Dishonesty, tricks or fraud;
• Altering the facts in order to mislead or confuse;
• Control people emotionally by using their weakness;
• Being greedy when it comes to profit;
• Creating false documents to show that the business has increased their profits;
• Avoiding penalty or compensation for illegal acts;
• Lack of transparency and uncooperative with investigation;
• Harming the environment by disregarding the governments regulations involving pollution;
• Invasion of privacy that is used as power in order to get personal or professional profits; and,
• Sexual discrimination

What is the lawful business practice regulations 2000?

The Lawful Business Practice Regulations 2000 offers a communication with the states consent of the system controller in a number of situations. Many times it will be legal for a business or public authority to watch over staff’s emails without their consent in order to gain the survival for facts that are related to the business or activities of the organization. On the other hand, the system controller must need all the reasonable efforts to notify the staff that their communication can be intercepted. It is also legal to monitor but not record communication without the person’s consent to decide whether or not the communications that are being looked at relate to the business or to the organization.

In the state of Texas is it considered unfair business practice for an internet organization not to state on the website how to cancel the membership or automatic withdraw?

As for the state of Texas there is no binding law that involves cancellation situations that is stated on the Texas code an internet organization. Cancellation is a situation that is between the customer and the owner and if no cancellation stipulations is mentioned in the contract that is given, then the customer is required to keep their contract and cannot be cancelled. On the other hand if the owner does provide the customer with a notice in an email, then this notice is to be recognized.

When owning a business the owner must maintain a fair business practice. If the owner fails to do so, the customer or member can decide to take further actions towards the business or organization. For more information on how to maintain a good business practice contact the Legal Experts online.
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