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PowerPoint problems

What is Microsoft PowerPoint? ”Microsoft PowerPoint is the name of a proprietary commercial software presentation program developed by Microsoft which was officially launched on May 22, 1990 as a part of the Microsoft Office suite, and runs on Microsoft Windows and Apple's Mac OS X operating system.” A PowerPoint presentation is composed of slides which might contain text, graphics, sound, movies etc or some other things which can be arranged in a free way. There are various ways of displaying PowerPoint presentation. It can be printed, displayed on a computer or can be navigated at the command of a presenter.

Listed below are a few questions answered by Experts on PowerPoint related issues.

I have PowerPoint viewer but not MS PowerPoint. To convert .PPT file to DVD do I need full MS Office or any freeware plug in is available?

You need a licensed version of MS PowerPoint to do this since the PowerPoint viewer is the only free version. However, a free office suit called OpenOffice is available that can be used for PowerPoint presentation. Once this freeware is downloaded and installed, you can use this to convert PPT to DVD.

While copy pasting an Excel table to a PowerPoint presentation (in Office 2007) the columns with conditional formatting isn’t getting pasted. How should I do it?

You have to open the PowerPoint and click on the Insert tab. After that if u click on Object a dialog box will appear. You have to click on Create from file. Once you are done, click on Browse and select the Excel file that you need. After that, click on OK. That’s all you need to do.

Is it possible to run a PowerPoint slide show at a speed of less than 1 sec interval?

Yes in most situations it is possible to customize the speed per your necessity. Go to slide transition menu and from there go to Advance Slide Box. Here you can customize the time intervals that you want the slides to run. If you want it to be less than a second you can easily enter the second in decimal numbers like .1 or .2 sec and the like. For example if you want to run it at an interval of .2 sec you have to write it as 00:00.20.

What is the way to disconnect a hyperlink in a chart in PowerPoint which is connected to an Excel Spreadsheet?

To disconnect the hyperlink you have to highlight the text that is referred to the hyperlink. After that you have to right click on the text and select “remove hyperlink”. The way to disconnect a hyperlink is the same in all the Office suit programs.

What is the process of adding a hyperlink to a PowerPoint presentation?

Once the PowerPoint presentation is created it has to be uploaded to some file sharing services. One such file sharing service is Also, if you have a website of your own you can upload it there. After uploading it will return a link which can be used.

PowerPoint is a powerful tool for making presentations of a project, a company or an organization. It saves a lot of time for people who would have otherwise left with no option but to use other types of visual aid. But some critics argue that PowerPoint has some adverse impacts also. However, if one faces any difficulty with PowerPoint it is better to seek the help of an Expert.
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