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Troubleshooting Powerpoint for Mac

Powerpoint for Mac can be an efficient tool to create attractive and informative presentations. Powerpoint helps build and share professional presentations with captivating features such as narration and presentation broadcast.

It also provides options such as photo editing, broadcasting slide shows, managing layers and accessing files remotely. While working on this software one is bound to face hurdles. Listed below are a few common Powerpoint questions answered by Experts.

Is it possible to insert multiple pictures from a file into a single Powerpoint slide and then transfer it to consecutive slides?

This may be possible by dragging all the photos from the folder view of the system onto the Powerpoint slide. Alternatively, the “Shift” key can be held down while selecting the pictures from the “Insert” menu, thereby inserting multiple images. It should be noted this feature is only available on certain Powerpoint for Mac versions and not all of them.

The following link provides detailed instructions on how to add this feature into an existing version of Powerpoint for Mac:

What dies Error 108 mean after a Powerpoint file was renamed and it cannot be opened?

This type of problem generally occurs after the file is renamed or if there are permission related problems. In order to try and tackle this Powerpoint problem, the following steps can be taken:
1. The face icon on the left-hand side of the dock should be clicked

2. You should navigate to the file path and click on it

3. At the top, “File” and “Get Info” should be clicked

4. Under “Sharing and Permissions”, if the padlock is locked, it should be unlocked

5. The permissions should be modified to “Read/Write” for everyone.

6. After this the window can be closed and reopened to check if the problem persists

How can a Powerpoint presentation be burned onto a disk?

To burn the Powerpoint presentation onto a disc the following actions can be taken:
1. On Finder/Desktop, “File” menu should be clicked and “New Burn folder” selected. This creates a new burn folder on the Desktop. The name of the folder can be altered here.

2. The burn folder icon should be double clicked to open the folder in a Finder window

3. Next the Powerpoint presentation files can be dragged into the burn folder's window. This also creates an alias/shortcut.

4. At the burn folder's window, a button named "Burn" will be visible located on the top right

5. The “Burn” button should be clicked after which a blank disk should be inserted

6. Once a blank CD/DVD is inserted a "Disk Name" should be provided and a medium speed such as 8x or 12x should be chosen in the “Burn Speed" option

7. After this the burn button can be clicked to begin the process

8. Once the disk burning is complete, it mounts automatically on the desktop

9. The disk can then be tested to play on another computer

How can an audio file be made to play on Powerpoint for Mac throughout a entire presentation?

In order to play the sound, some Powerpoint settings may need to be activated or altered. The big audio icon on the slide (the inserted sound icon) should be selected. Next from the “Menu” tabs in the top bar, “Playback” should be selected and under this, the option “Play across slides” should be chosen.

Alternatively, from “Format Audio”, “Start”, “Play across slides” should be selected. Next the “Animations” tab should be clicked and then “Reorder”. Here the option to change media animations is available under the “Media Options” tab. The number of slides (for example 10, 11) on the presentation should be entered.

To ensure the icon remains invisible during the presentation, the feature “hide during show” should be enabled. Additionally further settings such as looping, trimming and so on can be adjusted to enhance the Powerpoint presentation.

How can a frozen Powerpoint presentation be made to work without losing unsaved changes?

If the Powerpoint for Mac has frozen, no command would be accepted. In case the “Auto Recovery” or “Auto Save” option is turned on, the contents of the document would be saved on a temporary file. Hence Powerpoint should be “force quit”(“command”, “option” and “Esc” keys pressed together) and reopened after which Powerpoint will automatically open the document.

If it fails to open the document, navigate to “Documents/Microsoft Userdata/Office 200x_ AutoRecovery/” folder. If the desired document is not here, the document is lost.

Powerpoint for Mac is a powerful tool when used properly and effectively. In order to do so, one must be aware of its dynamic characteristics, features, compatibility and so on.

There can be instances where one can encounter Powerpoint problems or need help. This is where an Expert’s role can be crucial to steer you in the right direction in obtaining information and answers regarding problems being faced.

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