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GMC Power Window Troubleshooting

How difficult is GMC power window troubleshooting? Why does a window stop working? Is it safe to use aftermarket GMC power window parts? GMC power window troubleshooting may not seem like a difficult job, but without knowledge of how the systems work, uninformed efforts may do more harm than good. Getting the insights and assistance from Experts will give owners the guidance they need to ensure the job is done correctly.

Read below where Experts have answered questions about power windows in a GMC.

How should GMC power window troubleshooting be done when the passenger side power window on a Sierra 1500 does not work?

The symptoms indicate a fairly straightforward problem that should require little troubleshooting. The passenger side switch is the probable cause. The driver’s side switch uses the relays in the passenger switch to operate the window and if this is defective a good driver’s side switch will not cause the window to move. Replacing the passenger side switch should fix the problem.

What could cause all the power windows to quit working after a defective driver’s side power window switch was replaced on a 2 door GMC Suburban?

There is a GMC power window troubleshooting process to find the fault. Locate fuse B on the left side of the dashboard. This is a circuit breaker. Remove the fuse for one minute to reset the system. With the ignition in the ON position use a voltmeter to check if there is power on one side of the circuit breaker and not on the other. If this is the case the circuit breaker is defective and needs to be replaced. If there is no voltage on either side of the circuit breaker then the under hood fuse to the I/P box needs to be checked. The image below shows the location of the fuse.

If the fuse is okay and all other accessories are working except the power windows, check for voltage on the brown wire behind the fuse box. If this checks out okay, check the red or red/white wires at the ignition switch that powers the brown wire. The problem is likely to be a bad connection at the fuse box or ignition switch.

What would cause no power to the rear right window of a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue?

GMC power window troubleshooting for this problem will require a voltmeter. On the switch for this window, check for battery voltage at the purple and light green wires. If there is power, then check the dark blue wires at pin B of the window switch for voltage. If no voltage is detected on any or some of the wires, the wiring in the door jamb should be wiggled while the voltage is monitored to see if the is a fluctuation. If there is, it indicates broken or loose connections in the door jamb. Check for this and replace or fix as required.

Can two broken wires on a GMC power window switch be soldered or should the harness be replaced?

There is no need to replace the harness. The wires can be soldered together and shrink tubing can be used to insulate the soldered portion of the wire.

What is the GMC power window troubleshooting procedure to fix the driver’s side door lock which won’t power the other windows only its own?

It appears that the switch has gotten wet and shorted. To eliminate other possibilities remove the switch from the driver’s side door and unplug it. With the ignition ON, a voltmeter should be used to check for 12 volts. Presuming that there is power, the problem is with the switch. The switch is called the driver’s door module and like any other module it will not work if it is shorted. Leave the switch for a day in a place where it will dry out. Refit the switch. If it still does not work, the module will need to be changed and the new one programmed with the Vehicle’s VIN number failing which it will not work.

Problems with power windows can be irritating and cause discomfort for those in the vehicle. GMC power window trouble shooting is not difficult but it requires knowledge of the system. The answers and insights of Experts will provide owners with the information they need to tackles these problems

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