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Ford Power Steering Problems

On any vehicle the power steering helps make driving easier. When the fluid is low or other mechanical problems arise car owners may have questions. Experts are available to help; below are some frequently asked questions relating to Ford power steering problems.

What could cause the power steering fluid on a Ford to leak through the reservoir lid even after replacing the steering and flushing the system?

Air can become trapped inside the pump, to fix the problem, bleed the pump using an air evacuator to remove any air bubbles. This tool can be purchase from most auto parts stores. Seek an Expert for help if needed.

What could cause the Ford power steering to leak behind the front left tire and oil is present at the connection on the pump?

In most cases, a faulty pump or a bad power steering line could be the probable issue that may lead to causing such a problem. The power steering line would most likely be the issue if the line under the power steering pump leaks. However, if there is a leak from behind the pulley, the pump itself could be at fault. Thus, in a situation like this, a troubleshooting Expert may be required to find out the exact cause of the problem.

What would cause the Ford power steering warning light come on after the electric power steering pump has been replaced?

In many cases like this, the problem could occur if there is a module configuration fault to the system in a vehicle. Usually, the pump that operates in EHPAS control module is configured to the system of the vehicle which needs to be appropriately reconfigured when replaced. Thus, in order to repair this problem, the best possible option would be to have the EHPAS pump properly configured to the car’s computer system. This should be able to fix the issue as well as remove the warning indication. An Expert help is normally recommended in a case like this.

Why would the Ford power steering allow left turns but fails to turn right?

The power steering fluid in the assist side of the steering gear may be blocked causing the vehicle to not be able to turn. To fix this problem one of two options is best, either disassemble the steering gear and check the fluid flow passage for any blockages or replace the entire steering gear.

What would cause Ford power steering fluid to come out the vent hole of a cap?

This could be caused by pressure restriction in the system, air in the fluid if it is low, or if the fluid gets overheated. First, flush the entire power steering system using a flusher. This will remove any impurities from the fluid and bring the fluid back to its normal state. If that does not work then the best solution is to run a diagnostics test.

Consulting an Expert or a professional for a proper guidance and repair is always the best course of action if faced with any Ford power steering problems. However, besides offering help for fixing a problem, an Expert may also provide other information that a person may need to know such as how can one bleed a power steering or if a power steering pump is covered under warranty. Thus, seeking the help of an Expert is always the best available option. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to Ford power steering problems, you may ask a Ford Mechanic Expert to evaluate your case details and provide a mechanical insight.
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