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Mazda Power Steering Pump Questions

Is the power steering pump leaking on your Mazda? How to replace the power steering pump on a Mazda? There can be multiple reasons for the power steering of your car to malfunction, and a faulty pump is one of them. Experts can steer you in the right direction to keep repair costs at a minimum. Read below where qualified Experts have answered questions related to faulty Mazda power steering pumps and more.

Can lack of fluid in the Mazda power steering system cause problems?

Dryness of the power steering system may result in damage to the power steering pump shaft. The following steps can help find the cause of the problem.

  • First, the power steering line should be replaced.
  • The reservoir must be then filled with fluid.
  • The steering wheel must be turned fully lock to lock about 20 times, while the engine stays in idling and the front tires are not touching the ground.
  • The above steps must be repeated around four times while there is enough liquid in the power steering reservoir. 
  • To verify that the issue has been resolved, the vehicle must be taken for a test drive after carrying out the aforementioned steps.

How can the power steering pump in a 2005 Mazda 6 be replaced?

  1. First, remove the wheel on the right side.
  2. Then remove the inner fender made of plastic.
  3. Keeping the connections of the refrigerant lines intact, unbolt the AC compressor.
  4. The AC compressor bracket must be then removed from the engine.

There will now be enough room to remove and replace the power steering pump.

What are the steps to replace the power steering pump in a 1996 Mazda 626 V6?

  1. First, remove the transverse member.
  2. Remove the locknut, followed by the idler pulley and the bearing.
  3. Detach the adjusting bolt and drive belt.
  4. Next, remove the pump pulley nut and pulley.
  5. Then, remove the hose and the pump brackets.
  6. Remove the PSP switch connector, followed by the pressure pipe.
  7. Finally, the return hose and the power steering pump will be accessible and can be replaced.

To reinstall the pump, the steps provided above should be reversed.

How can a malfunctioning 2007 Mazda 3 power steering pump be diagnosed?

First, examine the wiring and the electrical pins around the pump and verify that they are damage free. Also, the electric power steering module and pump have multiple fuses which must be checked. If all electrical components around the pump are working fine, you need to check if any fault code is stored in the computer.

As you have read, the procedure to diagnose and fix faulty power steering pumps differs from one Mazda model to another. Experts are here to answer your questions on replacement of the power steering pump, diagnosis of related problems, as well as insight into the working of connected components. If you are seeing problems with your Mazda power steering, and suspect a damaged pump, talk to an Expert immediately and seek a resolution.

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