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Chrysler Power Steering Troubleshooting

Are you losing power steering fluid but don’t know where it’s leaking from? Will bleeding your Chrysler power steering system help loosen it up? A power steering issue could make it almost impossible to drive. Power steering problems are best attended to as soon as they are noticed so as to avoid a situation where your car is immobilized. If you need help with power steering problems, ask an Expert.

Read on to see how Experts have helped users by answering questions on power steering issues and how to overcome them.

Why does a new Chrysler 300C offer resistance when turning around curves on a winding mountain road?

It sounds like the car is installed with a Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system designed to help a driver keep off the edge or center line of the road. However, this is not always possible particularly when negotiating winding roads. Consequently when straying off the center of the road the system imposes a resistance even though it is assisted by power steering. Go through the user’s manual and disable the system when not required by pressing the appropriate button. Another alternative is to change the personalized settings temporarily. To know how this is done, ask an Expert.

Can air enter the steering rack of a power steering system affect it?

Yes, air can enter and become entrapped in the rack eventually leading to loss of power steering. This can happen for two reasons:

  • The power steering fluid level has dropped so low that the pump begins to suck in air which aerates the fluid.
  • The steering rack seal has failed allowing air to enter the system.

The solution here is to bleed the system till all the air is expelled then use a little power steering additive which will help reduce friction in moving parts.

Why does a Chrysler PT Cruiser squeal when turning?

A squealing sound when turning the steering wheel almost inevitably points to the belt which may be glazed or worn. It could also be caused by a failing power steering pump or some other accessory. Check the level of the power steering fluid and also the condition of the belt.

How to troubleshoot a Chrysler Town and Country which is impossible to drive because of a power steering fluid leak?

The source of the leak needs to be traced. There are many areas which are susceptible like the pump, hose, rack and pinion steering gear or even the power steering cooler. The best way to trace a leak is to clean the underneath of the vehicle and hoist it up. Run the engine for about 30 minutes and inspect all power steering elements to see where the leak is coming from. Only then could one decide on the appropriate repair.

How to replace the power steering lines on a 1999 Chrysler Concorde?

This is no easy task but here are the steps to follow:

  • Disconnect the battery and remove the wiper arms, wiper cowl trim and assembly.
  • Remove the air intake hose assembly.
  • Remove the steering rack to access the lines. Secure the steering wheel and take out the intermediate shaft which is down at the bottom of the steering column.
  • Remove the rods from the steering rack by bending back the lock tabs and removing the bolts one at a time.
  • Remove the master cylinder from the brake booster and set it aside without disconnecting the brake lines.
  • Remove the mounting bolts off the steering rack and disconnect the lines at the rack.
  • Remove the bolts which secure the line clamps to the frame.
  • If the return line is to be replaced it will need to be removed from the power steering cooler from below just in front of the a/c condenser.
  • Disconnect the pressure lines coming out of the pump and remove only those which are necessary.

The foregoing article illustrates how a small power steering leak can lead to a major problem. To avoid this from happening attend to power steering issues immediately. If in doubt how to go about it, ask an Expert. Verified mechanical Experts always provide information, offer solutions, and answer all questions related to power steering troubleshooting.

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