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Chevy Power Steering Troubleshooting

Is your Chevy power steering noisy? Is it still giving you problems even after faulty parts were replaced? Power steering problems can show up in many ways and knowing what is wrong and what repairs are required may not always fix the problem. At times complex programming of the system is required. The recommendations of verified  mechanical Experts will help you to find the cause and guide you to a complete solution.

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What could cause a 1989 Chevy Corvette to make a groaning sound when turning left or right?

This type of noise is typically from the power steering pump. It could be due to dirt and debris in the system. Flush the power steering system and refill it with new fluid. Add power steering system conditioner to the fluid in the proportion given on the packaging. Drive the vehicle for a few days. If the noise disappears, nothing further needs to be done. If it remains, the pump may have to be replaced.

If the power steering on a 2008 Chevy Equinox is showing a C0460 code from which vehicles can a used steering system be installed.

The steering module from either the Saturn Aura or Vue of the same model year can be installed on this vehicle. Note that there is a recall on the power steering module on this vehicle for programming issues which will result in this code being triggered. Take it to a dealer so the VIN can be checked to see if it is covered for free repairs under the recall.

If the power steering on a 2007 Chevy Equinox stopped working after the vehicle was jump started, what has gone wrong and how can it be repaired?

One possibility is that the power steering fuse blew during the jump. Open the engine bay fuse box and locate the 80 amp fuse labeled EPS. If it is blown, replace it. Also, check that the connections are tight and not corroded. If the fuse is not the issue, resetting the system may fix the problem. Disconnect both the battery cables and touch them together for one minute. Then reconnect first the positive cable and then the negative. If the power steering is still not working, the module may be damaged. This can happen if the jump cables were not connected properly or the jump caused a computer glitch. Take the vehicle to a shop to have it scanned so the problem can be pinpointed.

Why is it that after replacing the power steering control module and assist motor on a Chevy Malibu, a C0545 code has been triggered and the steering is locking up intermittently?

Case Details: If the engine is switched off and restarted, the steering is fine until the same thing happens again.

There are a number of possible reasons for this to happen. Was the torque sensor calibration done when the parts were replaced If not, have it done. Was the control module programmed with the latest software? If not, have it done. Check the harness that goes to the steering wheel torque sensor and if it is damaged or the connections are loose, replace/repair it. If none of these is the reason, the torque sensor may be faulty in which case the steering column will have to be replaced. The sensor is not available separately.

What is the reason for the electric motor to engage late and the RPMs to be higher than normal after the electric power steering system on a 2013 Chevy Tahoe hybrid was replaced?

This is not an issue with the new power steering system. What has probably happened is that the battery was disconnected when the work was being done. When this happens the adaptive memory gets erased. Drive the vehicle for a while to see if it resets. If not, the vehicle will have to be taken to a dealer for reprogramming, which should fix the problem.

What repairs are required if the power steering on a Chevy Equinox is not working and a scan shows a C056D fault code?

This code is for an internal failure of the power steering control module. Recheck the code to ensure that it is not a C056E as these are often confused and the repairs are different. If it is C056E, the module needs to be reprogrammed. If it is C056D, then the module will have to be replaced.

What is the reason that the power steering on a 2007 Chevy Equinox 3.4 AWD is not working even after the power steering control module and power assist motor has been replaced?

Case Details: The old C0460 fault code that caused the parts to be replaced keeps coming back after being cleared.

This could be due to a need to program the system. This is a three-stage procedure that requires a scan tool. The first step will be to initialize the steering angle sensor on the steering column. Then the electronic brake control module must be programmed. Finally, the power steering control module should be programmed. It is important that the programming is done in this sequence.

Chevy power steering problems can be difficult to diagnose and often even more difficult to repair. In some cases, parts need to be replaced and in other reprogramming can resolve the issue. Knowing what is wrong and what repairs are required ensures that the required repairs are done and needless replacement of expensive parts is avoided. The guidance of verified mechanical Experts will tell you what you need to know to ensure that correct actions are taken. There is no need to go to a shop for this help. Experts are available online to give you clear guided answers to your questions.

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