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Power Cord Related Questions

An electrical cord which temporarily connects an appliance to the main electricity supply through a wall socket or extension cord is called a power cord. This is also known as a line cord or mains cable which has a power plug to connect to a single-phase alternating current power source at the local line voltage generally between 100 to 240 volts, depending on the country where it is being used. Here are some of the frequently asked questions answered by Experts regarding power cords:

How can I be sure if the plug head of my Hailer air conditioner cord is alright after water got into it?

Air-drying the cord and hand wiping it dry with a cloth ought to make it work fine. If you can open up the plug head and clean the inside of it thoroughly that would be best, or else you could just fan it for some time which will enable it to dry.

A plug which was plugged into a power outlet popped with sparks flying and all of my power went for a few moments but came back on. However, the two breakers tripped and this was repeated the next day. The socket will accept a two-pronged plug but not a three-pronged one. Is it safe to work with a two-pronged plug with a six-plug adapter?

Six-plug adapters by and large are unsafe and you need to get rid of the one you have right away. Turn off your power supply and inspect the outlet that it is plugged into. Either the adapter is faulty or the wiring in the outlet is loose or damaged. If required, replace the outlet after carefully marking where the wires connect.

The power cord on my small bar-type refrigerator was chewed up by rats. How can I replace it?

Purchase a 6-ft small appliance cord which has one end that will plug into a socket in the wall and the other end made to plug things into. Cut the latter end off and after removing the old cord, feed the new one into the opening where the old cord was. Since the cord needs to be secured into the opening, and if the old cord did not have any kind of clamp, drill a ½ inch hole and install a ½ inch Romex connector. Wire the new cord up to the wires which were cut loose from the old one. Use a crimp on a wire connector or if you decide to use wire nuts, be sure to tape the connections heavily with electrical tape.

I am replacing the power cord on an air compressor which has black and white wires. Which terminals do they need to be connected to?

The black wire needs to be connected to the “P” terminal and the white to the “N” terminal.

What would cause the black wire from a power cord to burn off where it is hooked up to the control unit?

This is due to a loose connection which has produced arcing and heat resulting in the burning off of the connection.

How can I fit a power cord on an LED sign that is being mounted on a scoring table in a gymnasium without violating the electrical code?

Point 600.3 in the National Electric Code (NEC) says electric signs must be installed in conformity with the listing, unless otherwise approved by special permission. Though it may seem alright, allowing your local inspector inspect it and give you permission to do so would be best as altering a permanent light fixture is considered hazardous.

Where can I get power cords in excess of 9 feet to suit my needs? All I can find are 4 feet and 6 feet power cords.

You can buy 10 feet of 10-3 SO cable at a local home improvement store. Also purchase a 3-pronged outlet and three yellow ring terminals which are rated for 10ga wire (30 amp). Now strip back the wiring and connect it to the appropriate spots on the plug and terminal block. Once this is done, it is ready for use.

Power cords and cables come in various kinds, sizes and lengths and replacing faulty or damaged ones can sometimes be tricky. When faced with a problem, you could always contact the Experts with your questions instead of wondering how to solve it or hiring the services of a technician which could prove to be expensive. What’s more, asking an Expert.
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