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Pop-up Camper Related Questions

Do you need to know why the pop-up camper is beeping when connected? Or, need to know how to repair the roof which is damaged due to hail? Typically, most common pop-up camper problems are from lack of maintenance. If these issues are not dealt with, serviced, cleaned or adjusted, they tend to break or cause more damage. Or, if you are planning to purchase a new pop-up camper it would be a good idea to have a certified technician to inspect the different aspects of the RV. Verified Experts online can be of assistance in answering various questions related to pop-up campers.

Read below where Experts have answered a few questions about pop-up campers.

Why is the Jayco pop-up camper beeping when the 120VAC is connected?

Case Details: The beeping stops on disconnecting the input power.

The reason this is happening is probably due to excess draw of amperage on the converter. As per the manual, if your power requirement on the pop-up (lights, motors and battery charge), exceeds the converter amperage, and voltage drops to 12.5V, the audible alarm will sound. Therefore, to deal with this, the DC demand should be reduced by turning off the last DC appliance which triggered the alarm initially. This should stop the alarm and allow the converter to function again. It is also possible that the converter is failing and if it is set up to charge the battery, the battery load should be tested as well. A faulty or weak battery can cause more problem due to additional amp draw on the converter.

What can be done to release the one lift arm which is stuck on the 1999 Jayco Eagle pop-up camper?

The reason the arm gets stuck is probably due to lack of lubrication or a cable has dislodged from the pulley and jammed, holding up the arm. To overcome this, it can be lubricated using a silicone based spray. It should be applied completely and all the way, lubricating all four arms simultaneously where they should slide down into the other piece. Try lowering it after doing this. If it does not move, the cable for that leg is jammed, frayed or caught. If you are not mechanically inclined, a technician may need to fix it.

How can hail damage on the roof of the Jayco pop-up camper be repaired and what products should be used?

The roof is comprised either of fiberglass or ABS plastic. To fix it, some body filler from the automotive store would be required. The damage should be filled using a body filler which makes the job quick. It is easy to apply with the help of a putty knife and it dries within ten minutes. The repairs should be sanded off with a sanding block. The entire top should be cleaned and sprayed with bed liner, similar to what is done with truck beds as doing so makes it appear new. They are durable and come in different colors which means they do not need painting.

What is causing consistent ceiling lamp problems on the Fleetwood Niagara pop-up camper?

The fuse may have blown in the load center where all the fuses and breakers are present. It would be a good idea to replace the connectors with some new ones or wire up a new plug. The wire needed here is a two wire one where the colors should be kept segregated. Waterproof butt connectors can be used to put them in. Most automotive or electronics stores stock various type of plugs which will work. If this is not a job which you as the RV owner can undertake, a mobile technician can complete it within approximately 20 minutes.

What wiring matches the StarCraft pop-up camper to the car’s wiring?

Case Details: It has an eight prong wiring connection from the camper with a large white wire and smaller gauge wires which are red, brown and green. The SUV wiring is white, brown, red and yellow.

This may be the requirements for a proper connection, however, a test light should be used to probe all the lights on the vehicle side. When the signals are turned on, you should see the test light flash, right turn should be green while left should be yellow. Red/brown is usually for tail lights while white is the ground. If the truck checks out fine, the plug end on the trailer side should be inspected. Do this by following the cable and ensuring it is not going to a fuse. You can also test the wiring on the trailer side using a test-light probing the wires to check if the lights come on. If all four wires are present, you can try swapping both ends with a four pin flat connector. This can be done by cutting the wires on each end and then crimping a weather proof butt connector to make the connections. All parts that are needed are available at most auto parts stores.

Listed above are some of the questions or problems that people have faced with pop-up campers and how Experts’ have helped them tackle it. The fact that there are other issues which are not covered in this article is evident. With Experts’ insights you are in a better position to make informed decisions. They provide customized answers to specific pop-up camper problems from the comfort of your home, saving time and money.

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