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Polyneuropathy in Dogs

What is polyneuropathy in dogs?

Polyneuropathy in dogs may be better known as a disease that may affect the dog’s peripheral nerves. The nerves that are linked with peripheral nerves may be more connected to factors that make contact with the dog’s body. This may make these nerves more vulnerable to becoming injured or become toxic damage. Since in some cases of polyneuropathy may severely affect peripheral nerves these could be all over the body, these nerves may be linked with coordination, natural physical reactions or consciousness. For more information regarding polyneuropathy in dogs such as is there a cure for polyneuropathy and are there certain breed that contract polyneuropathy, individuals may read below where Experts have answered many questions regarding polyneuropathy in dogs.

What disease could cause a dog to become weak in the rear legs, lethargic, dragging hind legs and yelping in pain?

There may be several different causes to the symptoms listed above. Some of the most common causes may be, but are not limited to; disc herniation in the spine, diabetes, pain from the stomach causing an effect on the hind legs, systemic illness or even Polyneuropathy. In some cases where a dog has Polyneuropathy, the dog may experience difficulty walking on the hind legs. Usually Polyneuropathy may show other signs as loss of peripheral nerves.

Could a dog that is diabetic and is experiencing wobble legs have diabetic polyneuropathy?

In some situations it may be possible that a dog having wobbling legs may have Polyneuropathy. Usually before jumping to conclusions that this disease is the cause, it may be good to have the dog tested. A vet may recommend that the owner first check the dog’s blood sugar curve level around every 3 months. This may help determine if the dog leg issues is due to high or low blood sugar. There may be another way to be more accurate of the dog’s blood sugar; this may be fructosamine test. This test may show how the dog’s blood sugar is being regulated over the last several months.

What are the signs or symptoms of polyneuropathy in dogs?

In cases where a dog suffers from Polyneuropathy there may be several signs/symptoms. Typically the first sign that one would notice may be coughing or a difference in the sound of the dog’s bark. It may also be apparent that while the dog pants there may be a loud noise in the chest. Usually these noises may be due to laryngeal paralysis; usually this could be from the airways not opening and closing properly. This may cause cartilage to hand down in the dog’s airway blocking the air flow. The dog may also have a difficult time swallowing which may cause throwing up food. Typically the last sign may be weakness in the nerves that run through the legs, which helps the brain conduct the legs.

Polyneuropathy in dogs may be a very serious condition; in some cases this disease could affect more than one part of the body. Some owners may have never even heard of this disease, which could result in the dog becoming very ill. Polyneuropathy usually needs to be regulated by a vet to determine how the dog contracted the disease. For more information relevant to polyneuropathy in dogs such as, could this disease result in death of a dog or are there any home remedies to treat this condition contact an Expert.
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