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Police Misconduct Questions

On any given day across the United States there are thousands of arrests being made, investigations being worked upon, and police and civilian interactions. There are times when the police do things that are not allowed within their scope of practice, too much force used to question someone or using their badge to get into a concert. There are several types of police misconduct, and it is prevalent in the United States as well as other areas.

What is the definition of police misconduct?

Police misconduct pertains to wrongful actions that are taken by the police while in the process of carrying out their official duties. Many times it’s tampering with a witness, tampering with evidence, unlawful conduct as well as harsh or brutal physical force. This often leads to a miscarriage of justice. Read below to find more questions where individuals have contacted the Experts to answer their questions relating to police misconduct.

What are the types of police misconduct?

There are many types of police misconduct: false arrest, false imprisonment, false confession, falsified evidence, police brutality, intimidation, surveillance abuse, police corruption, racial profiling, political repression, and sexual abuse. There is also when a police officer feels that the outcome outweighs the bad behavior used to get there, which is known as noble cause corruption. The abuse of power such as using their station to gain entrance to events is also considered police misconduct. The allowing family, friends, or co-workers to do things unreported falls under selective enforcement, which is considered police misconduct. The use of drugs or alcohol while on duty is also police misconduct.

If a person feels that they were the victim of police misconduct, what is the process for reporting it?

For a person to report police misconduct they should first file an official complaint with the chief of police and also a report with the Internal Affairs Department. Also, depending on the severity of the case, consideration should be given to reporting the police misconduct to the FBI. However the FBI will have to make a decision on whether or not to investigate the case, which is based on the severity of the case.

Why is police misconduct so prevalent in the United states?

The reason that police misconduct seems to be so prevalent in American society is that it goes so unimpeded. The reason it is so unimpeded is those that are victims of police misconduct do not often report their experiences for several reasons such as fear of retaliation on the part of the police, that they were mixed up in a crime when the police misconduct occurred and do not want to be caught, or they feel that their report will fall upon deaf ears and nothing will be done about it. The feeling that nothing will be done is mainly the reason for the prevalence of police misconduct. It has been found that many officers who are witnesses to police misconduct will not report their fellow officers that are guilty of the misconduct; they would rather maintain a code of silence. Also many times there is ample oversight in the police departments to notice officers who are conducting themselves in an improper manner. Many feel that those who are found to be guilty of police misconduct do not receive disciplinary actions that are harsh enough to dissuade such behavior.

Police misconduct happens more times than not. When an individual’s feels they are a victim of police misconduct the individual may be unaware on how to report this crime. Police misconduct happens, and when it does it is always best to be informed of a person’s rights, and ways to handle the situation. For questions pertaining to police misconduct it is always better to turn to an Expert.
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