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Polaroid TV Problems and Troubleshooting

Polaroid is mostly known for its camera products but it also manufactures a large variety of televisions that include LCD screens and CRT displays. Some of the Polaroid TV’s also have in-built DVD player that makes it convenient for the viewers to watch and enjoy video content on TV. The Polaroid TV’s function well under most conditions, however, it does have problems on certain occasions. These problems may relate to issues like power failure, lack of picture clarity, unclear sound and so on. Below are frequent asked questions on problems relating to Polaroid TV that has been answered by the Experts.

How would an individual repair their Polaroid TV that is making a buzzing noise?

In this case, the first thing that you could do is put the TV on so that you get the picture. After that, you can disconnect the TV while it is turned on and keep it unplugged for five minutes. Then you can plug the unit back in to see if it is working. You should know that there is no other reset procedure other than unplugging the set. Now in case, this EEPROM reset fails to clear audio problems in your model, it would mean that there is an internal failure within your TV.

However, there could be few possible reasons that may have caused this problem. To begin with, it could be the capacitor failure inside the unit that has caused this issue. In such a situation, you could expect to pay around one seventy five to two hundred dollars for repairing this set. However, if your capacitors are not faulty, then it could be the main board. Repairing the main board, however, would cost you around two hundred to two fifty dollars. Therefore, in order to determine the exact cause of the problem, you would need to either troubleshoot or contact a repairman for this. In case you do not have the right kind of equipment or experience to handle this problem on your own, it is always best to get in touch with a repairman.

How would an individual find codes for a remote for the cable box on a Polaroid TV?

In this case, you would want to visit to get the codes for the remote control of the cable box for your Polaroid TV. You would find the instructions on how to program your remote on page one. However, in order to get the codes for Polaroid TV, you would need to go to page two of the document. There you would find a TV Code Table that would provide you with the code number.

What could be the problem with a Polaroid TV that went black and soon after the sound turned off? How can an individual repair this?

In this case, it looks like you have a capacitor failure on the power supply board inside the unit. Moreover, there is no reset procedure that you could use to make your TV function properly. Thus, in this kind of a scenario, you would need to repair the unit. Usually the capacitors are prone to heat stress due to which they either leak or bulge on the power supply board causing the TV to operate in such a manner. In a case like this, you could, therefore, expect to pay around seventy five to one hundred and five dollars to repair an off-brand PSU (Power Supply Unit) on a component level. The amount, however, would depend on which location you are repairing it from. Sometimes, there are used PSU boards available on various e-commerce websites like eBay or to name a few. If you are able to find such used boards on these websites, you could get them at cheaper rates and then you can have them replaced by yourself.

Polaroid Television is a sophisticated and an advanced form of electronic device. Like every other electronic device, they also have their share of problems. Some Polaroid TV problems can be dealt with just by troubleshooting like checking the TV’s setup or cable connection. However, there are certain problems that need professional expertise. On those occasions, it is always good to contact a technician and have them help you repair it. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to problems related to Polaroid TV, you may ask an Expert to evaluate your case details and provide a technical insight.
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