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Treatment of Poison Ivy for Children

What is poison ivy?

Poison Ivy is a type of plant that is either a trailing vine that grows to be ten to twenty-five centimeters, a type of shrub that that grows to be 1.2 meters, or a climbing vine that grows up the sides of trees or other support structures. Poison ivy is a type of North American plant that has a clear sap like liquid that can cause itching or a rash. Read below where Experts have answered many questions relating to poison ivy in children.

Can poison ivy cause bruising?

In most cases, the poison ivy itself will not cause the bruising. The bruising may be caused by the itching and rubbing that most people do when they have poison ivy. If the person goes to the doctor to have the poison ivy checked out and treated by a doctor and the doctor is confident that the bruises are not cause for concern, then generally they are nothing to be worried about and are a side effect of the itching.

If a child has had the chicken pox vaccine but has red bumps on their body, can this be poison ivy or chicken pox?

In most cases, when a child has poison ivy, then it generally is characterized by red itchy bumps that appear in the shape of a line due to the way the plant brushes the skin and chicken pox is generally red blisters that crust over and can form all over the body along with a runny nose and possible fever. The child should not scratch the skin, as this may spread the rash and the parent may want to take the child to their doctor to determine if the rash is poison ivy or chicken pox.

What can a parent do to get rid of poison ivy on their child’s face?

In most cases, the parent would need to make sure that the child’s face is properly cleaned so that there is no trace of the plant left on the skin. Once the parent does this, then they can try and use an anti-itch lotion to treat the area as well as an oatmeal bath and Benadryl. After a few days, the swelling and itching should go away and the poison ivy should clear up.

If a person is dealing with poison ivy in their child, what would be good to treat it?

In most cases, when a parent is dealing with poison ivy, then it is recommended that they try an oatmeal bath, calamine lotion, and Benadryl. This should help with the itching. The parent can also try a Benadryl lotion as well as the calamine lotion.

Poison ivy is a type of rash that is caused by a plant that adults and children may get when they come in contact with the plant. When a parent is dealing with poison ivy, then they may have questions regarding how to treat the poison ivy, what causes poison ivy, or even the side effects of having poison ivy. When a parent has the questions regarding poison ivy in children, then they may need to seek the answers from an Expert.
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