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Plymouth Rock Chicken Questions

Plymouth Rock chickens are more commonly known as Barred Rocks or Rocks. This breed of chickens originated in the United States. The Plymouth Rock is well known for being a multi- purpose breed who does well in warm and cold climates. To learn more about the Plymouth Rock chicken, take a look at the questions below that have been answered by Experts.

What causes Plymouth Rock hens to become lethargic?

When a hen becomes lethargic there may be any number of issues to blame. However, if the hen is just sitting quietly in her nest box, she may be what is known as broody. Broody hens tend to remain in the nest box and refuse to leave the eggs, this is common. However if the hen has other signs of illness such as sneezing or loss of appetite, she may be ill. The hen may be placed in a confined area such as a box that is dry, warm and softly lined as well as water and food such as dry cat food. If the hen has diarrhea, offer it Pedialyte to ensure hydration. If the treats don't work, make a mash out of her regular food and syringe feed the hen.

Many times parasites such as lice or mites can make a chicken very anemic which may make the hen appear to be lethargic. Other causes may include a blockage that may keep the food from reaching the stomach or the hen may be egg bound. A close inspection can generally determine such issues.

What is the best worm treatment for Plymouth Rock chickens?

Since worms, especially gapeworms, can become resistant to over the counter wormers, it is best to get Ivermectin from a local veterinary clinic. It is important that the Plymouth Rock owner be sure that the chicken actually has worms prior to treatment. There are many illnesses which may cause similar signs of worm infestation.

What causes a Plymouth rock chicken to just stop walking?

Marek's disease is a condition that is caused by the herpes virus and may cause a chicken to become paralyzed. Another disease that may cause issues in walking is Newcastle disease but this disease generally has respiratory issues involved. Toxins and vitamin deficiencies may also cause walking issues in chickens.

What causes a Plymouth Rock chicken to keep bumping and shaking its head?

Gapeworms can cause this as they live in the chicken's trachea and if left untreated may cause the chicken to strangle. Treatment for gapeworms is flubendazole, which can be purchased from a veterinarian or farm supply stores, is placed in the feed. Also, if the chicken has an impacted crop it may shake its head in an attempt to loosen the blockage. The best treatment is to withhold food for a day and gently massage the crop. If none of the above treatments help the chicken, a veterinary visit may be in order.

What causes blood spots in Plymouth Rock chicken eggs?

Blood spots found in the egg is a common sign of a vitamin A deficiency and may affect any breed of chicken. Vitamin A deficiency could be caused by Coccidiosis and worms which steal nutrients from the hen and a stool sample test by a veterinarian can verify this. Putting cod liver oil in the chicken feed will supply the chicken with additional vitamin A. It is important in proper maintenance of the reproductive lining, digestive and urinary tracts in chickens.

When selecting a breed of chicken for egg and meat production, many people choose the Plymouth Rock. The breed is a good egg producer as well as mild mannered. Many questions arise when selecting the right breed of chicken. If a person has questions regarding the Plymouth Rock chicken, ask an Expert for poultry insight and suggestions.

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