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Dog Play Related Questions

One of the things that most owners look forward to his dog play with their dogs. Dog play can be many things from fetch to tug of war. Some of the funniest moments for owners are watching their dog play with things, especially young dogs who are just figuring out the world that they live in. Below are questions that have been asked of the Experts in regards to dog play.

How is the drop it or leave it command taught for dog play?

When an individual is engaging in dog play with their dog, it can be frustrating when the dog runs off with the ball or refuses to give the owner back the ball. The use of drop it or leave it commands will be helpful in this type of situation. To teach the drop it or leave it command is the same things just the wording is different. When an owner is playing with the dog, the dog should have the dog sit when the ball is in the dog’s mouth. Once the dog is sitting the owner will then say drop it, then the owner must wait for the dog to drop the ball and reward the animal with a treat. Continuation of this will result in the dog dropping the ball upon command, due to the association of dropping the ball and getting a treat.

Can a dog that is recovering from distemper engage in dog play with a dog that has been vaccinated?

If the dog set to engage in dog play with the dog recovering from distemper has had its vaccinations and did not have any complications from the vaccination, then it should be ok for dog play to occur. Older dogs however do not always respond to the vaccinations properly, and should not be allowed to engage in dog play. The older dog may have lab work done to see if the vaccination was effective and if the immune system is up to fighting distemper if dog play does occur.

If a dog has its toenails trimmed to short to the point of bleeding, can it still engage in dog play?

If a dog’s toenails have been cut too short and have bled, then the dog should be kept quiet without a lot of running and aggressive dog play for at least twenty-four hours. This time will allow the nail to quit bleeding. This may be hard on some dogs that are accustomed to a play schedule that is full of extensive play. If the dog does not stay quiet, the owner should be prepared for the nail to bleed with some flour or corn starch to apply to the nail to stop the bleeding.

How long after being spayed can a dog play?

After a dog has been spayed dog play should be put on hold for at a minimum of two weeks. Two weeks is an acceptable time frame if the dog that was spayed is a young healthy dog. If the dog is older or a larger breed of dog then the time to allow rough dog play will be longer. The time frame that it takes for the sutures from the procedure to dissolve is often four to six weeks. The dog should also refrain from swimming for the same length of time.

Dog play can be just between a dog and its owner or it may involve another dog. There is a whole industry based on dog play. When an individual walks into a pet store there are aisles of dog toys for dogs and their owners to enjoy. There are aspects that need to be considered with dog play, like which toys are the best for the breed of dog, what works best for the owner and the dog, along with many other things. Any questions about dog play can be asked of the Experts.
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