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Property Plat Questions

What is a property plat?

A property plat is like a map of a property that is made to scale after a survey of the property. It shows the divisions that may be there in the property. A plat of survey may not be easy to understand for many individuals. Given below are popular questions about property plat.

Is there a Time Limit on Plat Restriction that are set by a Covenant that Runs the Land?

If the plat restrictions are set by a covenant that runs the land, then there may be no time limit on the plat restrictions. This is because the covenant may be continuous and may not expire. If the individual wants to remove the plat restrictions, he/she may argue in court that the condition for the covenant does not exist anymore.

Can an Individual Apply for the Approval of a Condominium Plat Map before filing the Notice of Completion?

The rules regarding property plats may differ from state to state in the US. In some states like California, an individual may be able to apply for the approval of a condominium plat map before the notice of completion is filed.

What can an Individual do if there is a Double Plat on a Property?

In most situations, if there is a double plat on a property, the individual may file a quiet title action in order to determine the correct platting. A quiet title action is filed to solve any kind of title issues like title disputes, claims on the same property by different people, and questions about platting.

Would it be Legal to Plat and Sell a Land Bound Property?

Real estate laws may be different for different parts of the United States of America. In some states like Texas, it may be considered legal for an individual to plat and sell a piece of property that does not have direct access to a public road or easement.

Where can an Individual Find a Plat Map for his/her Neighborhood?

An individual may find a plat map for his/her neighborhood in the office of the recorder of deeds or land records in the county. He/she may also find it in the tax assessor’s office.

What Steps must a Land Developer take when he/she Purchases a Plat of Land for Residential Purposes?

When a land developer takes a plat of land for residential purposes, depending on the level of development on the land when it was bought, the developer may have to zone the land for residential development, file an outline development plan, a final development plan and a final plat. The final plat may include streets, sidewalks and storm drain gutters. The developer may have to get the approval of the planning and zoning board before getting the approval of the county commissioners.

Would it be Illegal to Record a Survey Plat along with a Deed Description?

It would not be considered illegal to record a survey plat along with a deed description. However, the deed would have to be signed by the individual from whom the property was bought.

Can a Plat of Survey that was Conducted Four Years Ago be given by the Seller at the Time of Closing a Deal?

Whether to give a plat of survey to a buyer is a decision that the buyer and seller may take and mention in their contract. In most cases, if the buyer is getting title insurance, then he/she may be provided with a new plat of survey to ensure that no changes have been made in the property. A survey that was conducted four years ago may not be accepted as the buyer would want to make sure that there are no changes on the property since that time.

Understanding a property plat and the importance of one will help individuals who are planning to buy a piece of property. It will also help individuals who want to sell their property while surveying their land.
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