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Plasma TV Problems

Plasma TVs are well known for their sharp display and their beautiful colors. Designed with millions of tiny pixels capable of producing spectacular images that stay clear even on extremely large screens, Plasma TVs have become a much sought after electronic appliance in many homes today.

They are lighter and thinner as compared to LCD TVs which makes them easier to transport as well as wall mount. However, like all electronic gadgets, you could face certain problems with plasma TVs from time to time. Listed below are a few questions answered by the Experts on plasma TV related problems.

My 50" plasma TV has sound but is not displaying any pictures. Why?

Case details: 3-4 year old TV, seems like it is switched off and the menu can’t be pulled up. Unplugging power doesn’t help either.

The first thing you could try is to keep the set unplugged for a few hours. See if turns on. If it doesn’t, get the cabinet open and used canned air to blow the dust out. If you can’t access the rear, try and clean the dust through the vents.

If none of this works, it’s possible that you have a problem with either of the two sustain boards—Y and Z. If the heat sinks of these boards remain cold despite the TV being on for a while this could indicate that they have become faulty. Checking voltages at this stage is also important. To examine the sustain boards, first remove the top buffer the Y sustain is connected to. If the picture appears, it shows that you have a faulty top buffer. The same principle applies to the lower buffer. If none of this works, it usually means that the Y sustain is faulty and has a bad fuse. Replacing the Y Sustain, along with the two buffers, should solve your problem.

Every time my 50" plasma sounds like it is going to switch on, it shuts off 3 seconds later and flashes a red light. What do I do?

Case details: The red light flashes ten times and pauses as soon as I press the power button.

This light is usually an error code which helps a technician to troubleshoot the problem. Very often, it means either the power supply board, the main board, or one of the scan drive/sustain boards need to be replaced. These parts should be easily available and may cost $250-$450 to replace, along with labor charges.

My Hitachi plasma TV is not displaying an image but has a blue light that flashes four times and pauses. After I cut the power supply, the TV can be turned on but can't be turned off. What should I do?

Case details: The blue light was flashing only thrice. I then disconnected the TV and pressed and held the power button for ten seconds. When I turned the power supply on, I found that the blinking had increased to four times.

Blinking four times is a code and it shows that the TV has been intentionally shut down because of a short circuit on one of the power supply outputs. This could happen because the SDR boards on the TV’s plasma panel have become faulty. To determine the exact cause, you would need to test the voltage to see if the problem lies with the boards or with a faulty power supply. Repairing this could cost you between $250-$400 for parts and labor based on which board has the fault. The link below can help you locate a technician to help you fix this:

Why is my LG Plasma TV shutting off after two seconds of being turned on.

Case details: TV is a year old and there is no picture or sound.

It is possible that the TV is switching to a switch off mode to protect itself from further damage. This could indicate that there is a problem either with the power supply or the main board, the sustain board or even the scan driver board. To diagnose the exact problem, you would need to have electronic repair experience as well as test equipment. If you are not comfortable handling this on your own, get the help of a professional who could charge you anything $300-$500 to fix the problem.

While you may have come across some of the problems mentioned above, there may be other issues that could be unique to your own plasma TV set. While some of these issues can be sorted with basic electronic repair experience and the right equipment, you may need the help of a professional for other plasma tv troubleshooting issues. However, before you decide on what route to take, consult with a TV Technician who can guide you in dealing with your problem in the quickest and most cost-effective way possible.
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