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Tax Planning Questions

What is Tax Planning?

Tax Planning is used to put together the financial responsibility of decreasing taxes. There are creative ways to reduce a person’s taxes. A person can use Tax Planning to strategize with income, increase tax deductions, and find tax credits that will benefit the person’s income. If a person strategizes the correct way by reducing the income received; it will benefit the person in the end. Although, more taxes will be taken out of a person’s paycheck; at the time of the year the income tax refund will have increased over time. However trying to determine tax planning can cause questions to rise. Read below where Experts have answered questions relating to Tax planning.

Is there a specific category for a professional that helps with Tax Planning? Are there any recommendations for a book to assist S-Corp owners in the state of Florida?

In most situations the person will need to obtain or hire a tax Expert. The tax professional will review the owner’s tax case and answer questions and concerns that the owner may have. An Enrolled Agent will be able to view the owner’s taxes and go over different scenarios involving taxes. Enrolled Agents can be found in tax preparation companies around the world that can be notified. The owner will be able to set up an appointment to explain tax situation. As far as receiving a book on Tax Planning; the Florida website on Corp taxes offers assistance:

If a married couple is filing a joint return and one of the spouse’s net taxable earnings is $60,000.00; Is there a maximum limit on the Long Term Capital Gains on which the spouse would have to start paying the Capital Gains Tax ?

A 5% rate applies to a portion of the person’s financial earnings even if the person’s funds raise the person into a higher tax bracket. For example, if as a married filing joint return, the ceiling on the Long Term Capital Gains is $64,800 (for 2005). If the person’s income on taxes after taking out all deductions is below that level in 2008 the person will not have to pay money towards a long term gain.

If a person is self-employed and needs tax planning advice, what are some types of strategy that can help to reduce taxes?

The person can file the form 2553 to make a Sub S Tax election. The form allows the person to pay one’s self a fair wage as a W2 employee. A fair wage would be the salary that the person would pay as if they were to employ someone else. Also, the self-employed person would have to balance the Administration Costs of having people to work against saving taxes in order to gain a network income. Also, health insurance is a tax deduction on Form 1040 when allows people that are self-employed to minimize federal income tax.

Why do businesses need Tax Planning?

If a person is starting a business that is coming from investments; tax planning is used to help deduct capital gains tax exposure that may result in the business to pay out a lot of money to keep the money intact. Tax Planning will help the business owner make decisions on taxes to benefit the company and oppose against spending funds that are not necessary. The Inland Revenue keeps a record of the requirements and timescales for reporting and payments. The duties of a new person owning a business will require an agent to come in and help with the Tax Planning. Companies have assistance with Tax Planning to manage the spending of the company and making sure it is up to standards of what the Inland Revenue requires.

Tax Planning is used to help make sure that a company or organization is ran properly without being at the end of Capital Gain which will result in a high tax payout. Many times situations like these bring questions such as what is Tax Planning, what is the Importance of Tax Planning? Questions such as these are asked by concerned businesses and as well new owners that need assistance on what moves should be taken in order to become financially stable. Contacting a Tax Expert can help with questions concerning Tax Planning.
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