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Plagiarism Questions

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is when an individual uses ideas word for word from another author. In other words, the individual copies the original ideas. Read below to find more answers regarding plagiarism laws by the Experts.

Would Plagiarism be an Academic Offense or a Criminal Offense?

It is likely that plagiarism would be considered to be an academic offense. However, the action taken against the offense could either be a criminal or a civil action.

Would it be plagiarism if individuals use philosophies, ideas or statements from a University’s Copyrighted Curriculum?

It is unlikely to be considered plagiarism if individuals use philosophies, ideas and statements from a university’s copyrighted curriculum provided the individual puts a citation in the text of the paper or report and also includes it in the reference section of the report. The individual will have to mention in the report where they got all the data from. If the data was obtained from the university’s website, the individual may put the name of the webpage, URL and the website where the information was found.

Would it be plagiarism if an individual tried to summarize a non-fiction work that is in the public domain?

It may not be considered plagiarism if an individual tried to summarize nonfiction work if it was in the public domain. Also, if there was no copyright on the nonfiction work, it would mean that the individual may be able to copy parts of the work. The individual can copy parts of the work as is if they would mention somewhere in the summary about what they have done.

Are there any legal standards for plagiarism?

There may not be any legal standards for plagiarism. It may be considered to be plagiarism only when there is a copyright violation. It is an academic or journalistic issue and hence does not have a legal standard. Other situations when plagiarism may come into picture would be when an individual tries to get access to any written work or report by fraud or deceit and then publishes it under his/her name.

What can an individual do if they have been accused of plagiarism by an Academic Institution?

The investigation process for plagiarism of an academic institution may be very unfair and secretive. It may be best for an individual who has been accused of plagiarism by an academic institution to hire an experienced intellectual property lawyer to handle the case for them especially if it can have a permanent effect on their future. Though in most cases, attorneys may not be allowed to attend any hearings, the attorney may still be of help if the individual wants to appeal the decision taken by the school.

What is the Statute of Limitations on Plagiarism?

The statute of limitations on plagiarism or copyright violations would be three years from the time the infringement stops. Hence, if an infringement occurs in the form of publication of any written work, then the statute of limitations would not start till the publication is stopped.

Can translations be plagiarized?

It is likely that translations may be plagiarized unless the copyright owner of the original work has authorized the translation.

Plagiarism, though not a legal issue, can have both criminal and civil consequences in certain situations. Hence, it is important for individuals who are working with anybody else that has written work to know about plagiarism and the different plagiarism laws. Not knowing these and blindly using somebody else’s work can get an individual into trouble. For more plagiarism laws, contact the thousands of available Experts for fast and reliable answers.
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