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Pizza Oven Repair Questions

Pizza ovens are specifically designed to bake pizzas which are typically flat breads with tomato sauce and cheese among various other toppings. In order to make the perfect pizza, the dough, and the topping needs to be baked optimally. Pizza ovens may not be present widely in many households but would be quite common in a commercial setting such as a bistro, restaurant or hotel. The basic principles and components of these ovens are similar to any other oven. Pizza ovens can be wood based, electric or gas ran ovens. Listed below are a few common questions that have been answered by the Experts on pizza oven repair.

What could cause a pizza oven to turn on, warm up but stop heating and will not reignite?

The individual may need to check the following elements on their oven. There should be a good flame contact with the flame sensor in the pilot assembly. There could also be an air blockage at the burner air shutter. Check to ensure it is clear. Since the oven fires up, one of these issues is causing it to go off.

How would an individual light the pilot light on a four door gas pizza oven?

Lighting the pilot light is dependent on the model or type of the oven. Most of the gas ovens need you to push the on/off knob while the pilot is on or in position. You could try holding it down till the pilot flame is lit. Some of the models have a red button at the gas valve which needs to be pressed for it to start.

What could be the cause of a pizza oven’s thermostat to not respond to any adjustment on the dial?

One of the possibilities is the thermocouple output could be sufficient to hold the pilot solenoid in place but not sufficient enough to open the main gas valve. Ensure the thermocouple is within the pilot flame and valve connections fit tight. If these elements are working fine, the thermocouple may need to be replaced. Sometimes brand new thermostats fail to function. The other possibility could be inaccurate gas supply pressure or gas pressure at the burner manifold due to a faulty inline gas pressure regulator. You could try testing them and contact the company’s customer service technicians for more help.

Can an individual use a pizza oven with a maximum temperature of 650 degrees to achieve an oven temperature of 800 by adjusting the gas flow?

Generally in most ovens, the mechanical thermostat present can only be adjusted about 50 degrees above the maximum temperature but not further. In order to reach 850 degrees, a different thermostat would need to be installed. It would be better to use a thermostat which is from the same company as the oven. However this involves gas re-engineering and altering the gas plumbing. It would be wise not to attempt changing this on your own as you may become accountable for any problems which may occur now or in the future.

Why do the igniters on a Honeywell pizza oven continue to spark even after the oven has fired up?

Though you could perceive this as an igniter problem the issue could actually lie with the temperature control of the oven. The igniter works based on a power signal from the control and ignites the burner for as long as the control signals it to. Once there is no signal for heat, the burner should go off. Hence a faulty temperature control could be sending a signal to the igniter despite no call for heat. If the sparking is continuing after the signal has stopped or with a flame present, the problem could be with the spark control. The spark control is what mainly controls the sparking activity on the igniter.

Is it worthwhile buying a pizza oven with missing temperature adjustment knobs and stones?

Since you have mentioned specifically the radiating stones are not present apart from other components, it may not be a worthwhile investment. This is because the stones are highly expensive and are very heavy too. If they need to be shipped it would work out quite expensive as well.

As seen above, pizza ovens may be unique to primarily baking pizzas but their issues could be similar to your regular ovens such as problems with thermostats, pilot lights, temperature control and so on. Since pizza ovens may more often be located in commercial settings or bigger in size, you may be daunted to try and resolve the problem on your own. Whether it is in a household or a restaurant, consulting Experts will help you understand the issue and subsequently allow you an opportunity to fix it yourself, if you are comfortable to do so, or contact a serviceman at the right time.
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