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Philips Projection TV Troubleshooting

Has your TV quit working properly? Do you need troubleshooting tips for repair on your TV? Philips is a well-known and reliable brand making its products, such as the projection TV, quite popular. Normally projection TV problems are commonly related to the lamp, image, display, sound or power issues. The same is the case with Philips projection TVs. These problems can crop up suddenly. Instead of feeling frustrated and helpless, you can be armed with troubleshooting information and tips, by seeking guidance from Experts online. Read below common questions on Philips projection TV troubleshooting, answered by Experts 

Why is there no color on the Philips TV?

Before diagnosing, first press the “Menu” button the TV and check whether it appears in color or black and white. If it does not, try disconnecting the TV from AC power, press and hold the power button on the TV for 20 seconds. After another minute, the TV should be plugged back in and power turned on. If the problem persists, it could be a shattered color wheel. This wheel spins very fast in front of the lamp to project the color image on the screen. Over time, it can overheat and become brittle. This can lead to breakage and other problems you are facing. Resets and adjustments cannot fix this problem and the solution is to replace the color wheel. 

What could cause the TV to work for a few seconds and go off making a buzzing noise?

This is most probably a lamp issue that needs replaced. The buzzing noise is the ballast trying to re-fire the lamp which confirms functioning of all the components other than the lamp. These are high power mercury gas lamps driven by 200+ volts. They are designed to last for approximately 4,000 to 6,000 hours after which there may be symptoms such as a dark picture, intermittent functioning or failure. They are relatively easy to replace and can be found a few inches from the ballast. Access is through a trap door. It is also necessary to use OEM lamps since generic lamps can fail or cause other problems.

What does it signify if the Philips projection TV does not turn on and power button flashes twice?

A two blink code is indicative of absence of horizontal fly back protection. This issue can be repaired at a component level, unlike some of the newer models. However, you need experience with CRTs and handling high voltage electronics, if not it can be dangerous. 

Why is it not possible to adjust the blue color convergence on the Philips TV?

Prior to diagnosis, you need to go to “Menu” and try adjusting the focus/conversion after the TV has been on for over an hour. If the focus did not correct the problem, most probably the convergence integrated circuits (ICs) mounted to a large heat-sink, could have failed. This is a relatively common problem with this Philips set. These components run hot and thermally breakdown with use leading to unexpected load on the power supply. This makes the shutdown circuits turn the set off to prevent further damage. They would need to be replaced along with a few defective 0.68 resistors. In case there is a problem with all colors, it is possible there is an open fuse in the voltage supply to the amplifiers. There may be other components that could be out of specification but this would require the circuitry to be diagnosed using proper TV test equipment.

What makes the Philips TV picture fuzzy and “wavy”?

Case details: This happens 10 to 11 times before it settles.

Based on the symptoms, the problem is most likely with the deflection circuits. This is the high voltage circuits for the horizontal and vertical outputs driving the picture tubes. The components here are most probably out of tolerance. It requires service manuals and few test equipment to isolate the problem. When turned on, the internal heat generated brings them to operating tolerance. It usually drives transistors and/or integrated circuits along with some passive components such as capacitors that can cause this. 

Philips projection TVs problems can vary based on the age and symptoms. Sometimes, it is simple to diagnose whereas at other times it can involve complicated parts. Moreover being aware of the repair estimates is very useful in deciding whether it is worth your time and effort. All this is possible with the help of Experts. To ask other questions and get customized answers quickly and economically, contact Experts. 

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