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Pharmacy is a term used to describe the preparation and dispensing of medications and drugs. a pharmacist is a health professional who not only ensures that all pharmaceutical medications and drugs are prepared and dispensed properly and safely but is also one who reviews drugs and offers information about them. Therefore, when a person goes to a pharmacy with questions regarding certain medicines, a pharmacist is usually there to help explain dosing and possible side effects.

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Can a pharmacy be held responsible if a person was given Methadone in a bottle labeled Thyroxine and they started taking the drug?

Case details: Took the medication for two months and experienced increased symptoms.

Generally, a pharmacy is diligent when filling prescriptions. However, accidents do occur and the pharmacy is usually responsible. However, if an individual is considering a law suit against the pharmacy, they would first have to prove clinical harm in order to win such a case. In this situation, the individual had previously taken both medicines so they shouldn’t be at a great risk. If the individual had never been exposed to the medicine and had unknowingly taken it, they may have experienced a bad reaction.

As far as the pharmacy goes, the two medicines look nothing alike. Furthermore, Methadone is considered a class 2 narcotic. Such drugs are generally handled with the utmost care and placed in a lock seal bottle. Class 2 narcotics are also generally double coded and the medicine is usually checked by at least two pharmacy employees including the pharmacist. This makes it extremely hard to make a mistake.

In the light of all this, it must be noted that Thyroxine is a medicine that needs to be taken daily. If an individual went without the medication for two months, a visit to the doctor’s office may be required to check their thyroid levels and respiratory rates. Once an individual has proven clinical harm, they may follow through with taking the pharmacy to court. Furthermore, they may make a report to the State Board of Pharmacy regarding this.

Why do pharmacies not fill prescriptions with brand names when insurance is involved?

In most cases, an insurance company won't cover branded medicines. Therefore, many people prefer generic medication over brand names due to the cost. For these reasons, many pharmacies may not stock a brand due to the demand for generic options.

Many people order specific brand medicines through a local pharmacy, especially if the individual is expected to take the medication long term. Private pharmacies are also usually more willing to help with these requests as opposed to a corporate pharmacy.

To conclude, as insurance companies go, most won't consider paying for a brand unless there is a specific medical justification stating the generic version of a medicine isn't appropriate to use. Without such a written statement from a doctor, it is more than likely that the individual may be required to pay the expense of a buying a branded product.

What is a trustworthy online pharmacy that sells Adderall?

Many online pharmacies have class 2 drugs such as Adderall. However, there are several steps that must be taken to order this medication online. First of all, when ordering class 2 drugs, the original prescription must be mailed to the pharmacy or called in by the doctor’s office and the medicine must be received by an adult on delivery. An online pharmacy generally also has the right to accept or refuse any prescription. As for reputable online pharmacies, and are just a few online pharmacies that have the approval of the Board of Pharmacies.

Do doctors have to reply to a fax from a pharmacy if they are not refilling a prescription?

A doctor's office typically doesn't have to tell the pharmacy that the prescription cannot be refilled. However most offices will call or fax the pharmacy. If there is communication between the doctor’s office and the pharmacy, less time will be wasted between the two in the future. Furthermore, a pharmacy won't refill a prescription if it isn't listed on the bottle or if the doctor office doesn't confirm the refill.

The pharmacy is a store that is generally known to most people. Medicines and supplies that are prescribed by a doctor may only be purchased through the pharmacy. Many questions can arise about pharmacy rules and regulations and medications. If you have any questions or concerns about pharmacies, ask an Expert to evaluate your case. They can offer medical insights, information and suggestions to answer your questions in a quick, convenient and cost-effective manner.
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