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Persian Cat Care Questions

Do you have questions about your Persian cat’s care? Do you need treatment options for various health problems with your cat? Your cat is likely a member of your family. When problems occur you want accurate information for the quickest treatment. Verified Experts are readily available at your convenience. 

Read below where Experts have answered questions like these and more.

What is recommended for a two-year-old Persian cat that has developed a ringworm crusty scab that itches and bleeds?

Ringworm may not be as likely as thought for the fact that ringworm is not typically that itchy. It will develop as crusty, scabby lesions on the face and paws. If these lesions become very itchy they are more suspicious of a hotspot or superficial dermatitis. The more scratching the more it can become inflamed and can spread. Medicated shampoos can be used but topical treatments are not recommended as they would not allow the areas to dry out and in turn heal. It is helpful if the hair around the lesions is removed so that it doesn’t become matted to the skin. Children’s liquid Benadryl can be given to help with the itching. If no improvement is seen then a visit to the veterinarian may be needed.

What treatment is recommended for Persian cats that are suffering from catarrh that has a strong smell?

Generally, when Persian cats have an appearance of ocular catarrh then they may be experiencing bacterial conjunctivitis or a mild cat flu that is specifically targeting the eyes. When there is vaginal discharge that has a strong smell then a bacterial involvement is more likely. Antibiotics will be needed if this is the case. Steam from a running shower can also help loosen any congestion in the back of the airway. If congestion is really bad then nasal drops can be used. The discharge from the eyes can be flushed with sterile saline.

Should a senior Persian cat with mild kidney failure be vaccinated against feline herpes virus?   

Case Details: It will be border buddies for a month with cats that are latent carriers.

Generally speaking, it is not common for an adult Persian cat to contract the feline herpes virus from other cats. This is even more so if those cats are not currently having any outbreaks. Precautions should be taken when bringing any new cats into your home. This older Persian cat should be tested for feline leukemia and FIV unless it was an indoor cat all its life.

How can a Persian cat be given their antibiotic Metronidazole when a syringe is not working?

This particular antibiotic does have a bitter metallic taste to it. There is likely many inventive ways to administer it to a cat. One way that some cat hospitals give this medication is via a gelatin capsule. It can also be compounded into a suspension liquid. Other options are to make the pill taste good to the Persian. This could include rolling it in butter or other food items to mask the bitter taste.

What would cause a Persian cat to poop in places other than the litter box?

The usual culprits that cause a cat to go to the bathroom outside of their litter box are health problems, pain, or stress. Cats can get stressed out over the smallest thing such as new smells, change in routine, seeing other animals even if they are not near. Health issues like kidney problems, thyroid problems, or sensitive digestive systems can also cause this behavior. A Persian cat’s personality can also be the cause. A cat may prefer to not pee and poop in the same litter box. This theory can be tested by placing a second litter box in the house.

When your beloved Persian cat is experiencing health issues it can be concerning. Cat care questions like those above can often spark questions that are specific to your loved one. Experts can help answer questions about health problems specific to Persians or Persian cat grooming help. Reach out to verified Experts now so that your questions get the resolutions you are seeking.

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