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Permethrin Treatment Questions

What is Permethrin?

Permethrin is a synthetic chemical that is used in insecticide, acaricide, and insect repellent. This chemical generally helps prevent and kill insects by killing the neuron membranes. Permethrin is used in medications for humans to help and rid them of parasites such as lice and scabies. Typically, a doctor will prescribe a 5% concentration for scabies, however, someone can get a 1% concentrate for head lice or crabs over-the-counter. When there is a need for someone to use anything with Permethrin in it, questions about the proper use can arise. Read below where there are some questions about Permethrin that are answered by Experts.

What can be done if Permethrin is not treating scabies? Can a staph infection appear as scabies?

When someone has scabies and is using Permethrin, this medication may not always work properly. When this occurs, the individual may not have scabies, but instead they may have a form of staph infection. Typically, scabies can become resistant to a lower prescription of Permethrin and this may need to be evaluated by a doctor to see if a stronger dose is needed.

Can an antibiotic including Permethrin treat both a staph infection as well as scabies?

When scabies is present, a doctor may prescribe them with Permethrin. This insecticide often helps kill parasites that cause scabies. When there is a form of staph infection present along with scabies or has been caused by scabies, a doctor may want to prescribe an antibiotic that has Permethrin in it to treat both the infection as well as the parasites.

After starting Permethrin how long is someone still contagious with scabies as well as how long will the parasites stay on the skin?

When someone starts using Permethrin for scabies, they are generally considered to be non-contagious within twenty four hours after treatment begins . Typically, the dead mites, eggs, and fecal matter may stay on the skin for a period of two to four weeks, but are normally not contagious.

What can be done if Permethrin gets in the eye? Can this cause eye irritation and how can this be avoided?

When a person uses Permethrin, there can be cases where this medication can cause irritation in the eyes. However, a doctor may recommend the individual make sure to wash their hands after using this medication as well as wear protective eye guards to keep it from entering the eyes if being used on the hair. If Permethrin does get into the eyes, they may need to see the doctor to obtain eye drops to treat and flush the eyes.

Is Norwegian scabies difficult to treat and what is used to treat this?

Norwegian scabies are normally known to be difficult to treat. However, a doctor would treat this condition with Permethrin. Permethrin generally will treat the scabies within a matter of weeks. However, in some cases, scabies may need to have a stronger dose of Permethrin until fully treated.

If Permethrin has not begun, can scabies spread and should a Permethrin spray be used to treat the house?

When scabies are diagnosed and someone has yet to start the treatment with Permethrin, there can be a chance they can spread the scabies to other people. This person may need to make sure they avoid all contact with others until they have started their medication. This individual may also want to make sure they spray their house with Permethrin spray to make sure the scabies are not living in any sheets or blankets.

Permethrin is a form of insecticide that is used to treat lice, scabies, and crabs. When there is an issue with any of these parasites, concerns regarding the use can arise. When these concerns are brought up and questions arise, individuals may want to consult an Expert to find answers as well as calm concerns.
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