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What is permanent residence?

Permanent residence or permanent residency is where a person’s visa status is set to where the person can reside within a country on a permanent basis that the individual is not a citizen of. When a person receives this type of status, the individual is referred to as a permanent resident. Read below to find more questions that have been answered by Experts on permanent residence.

Can a Russian native get a visitor’s visa to visit a permanent resident for a wedding?

The Russian citizens that are applying for the visitor’s visa would need to prove that they have a job, family, any kind of ties to Russia that they could not leave behind for a long period for them to be qualified for a visitor’s visa. They would have to prove that they have reasons to return to Russia and not stay in the U.S.

Would a person who has permanent residence and a green card that was convicted of a drug charge, then later pardoned have any issues with international travel?

There is a slight issue here due to the fact that what Florida does, the immigration authorities are not required to recognize. According to immigration circles, any sort of plea, conviction, or admission of any kind of a controlled substance is basis for removal. Even of the conviction has been expunged; immigration authorities have access to the records of the person if it was reported to the FBI. When the person files for renewal of the individuals green card, they are asked about arrests, charges, convictions, etc. So, even if the person has full pardon, they are required to report this and provide proof of what punishment they received. The person wanting to travel probably wouldn’t be safe to unless the individual knows what is on their FBI background check.

What steps does a person need to take to get citizenship when his/her unconditional lawful permanent resident status was granted and they married a U.S. citizen?

The person would now be eligible for Naturalization. The person would need to file within 90 days of their 3 year anniversary of their permanent resident status. The person would need to fill out form N-400.

If a Belgian resident that had a green card and permanent residence in the U.S. was out of the U.S. for over a year but has a child that is a U.S. citizen, can the individual regain entry into the U.S.?

The person would not have the option to get their green card back once the individual remains outside the U.S. for more than a year. The person would also forfeit their resident status as well. The person would have to start the whole process to get a green card again from the start. The individual would need to be employed, have a family member, or invest $500,000. There is a green card lottery that happens from time to time as well. If the person marries a U.S. citizen for love, then they can petition for the green card or if the person has children that are U.S. citizens, which have resided in the U.S. for 6 months, and is of the legal age of 21.

Permanent residents of the U.S. have many benefits as well as draw backs. They have several rules that they must abide by in order to maintain their permanent residence status. There may arise many questions regarding how to maintain the status they have or to regain the status they once have. The Experts are available to assist with these questions.

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