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Percolator Problems

The term “percolate” means to cause a solvent to saturate through a permeable substance in order to extract a soluble constituent. In appliances, this is a phenomenon is commonly used in coffee a percolator with the solvent being water, the permeable substance is the coffee beans and the soluble constituents produced is the coffee with its color, taste and aroma. Most percolators provide higher temperatures than other brewing methods and re-circulate brewed coffee through the beans resulting in possible over-extraction. The percolators could remove some of the strong characteristics from the beans providing a fragrant aroma but a less flavorful cup.

Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on percolators.

My 12 cup percolator has stopped making hot and strong coffee. Can it be fixed? What should I do?

On many occasions mineral deposits can build up on the percolators due to constant use. Therefore it could result in weak flavored and warm coffee. In order to address this issue you could try running two cups of white vinegar through it. Try this two to three times. This will help clean out any deposits.

What could be the problem where an electric percolator makes a hissing sound when percolating, also the unit will not shut down after coffee is made and continues to percolate?

Generally these appliances have a small disc like thermostat as part of the circuit which should cut off the heating once the water temperature reaches 200 degrees. Most likely this component on your coffee percolator has failed. This part can be replaced. In order to access it, remove the bottom cover of the percolator and remove the thermostat which is approximately the size of a nickel. You can take this part to your local hardware store and ask them to give you another piece. Usually this type of thermometer is used in several heating appliances and the store will be able to easily provide a replacement or order one for you.

I am looking to replace the black plastic base for my West Bend 36 Cup percolator. Is this worth replacing?

Buying a small component such as a replacement plastic base can work out quite expensive. In this case, it is probably better to buy a completely new unit than replace the part.

Why won’t my GE percolator percolate even though it is only a couple of months old?

In many cases, the most likely issue would be the thermostat being stuck in the unit and the thermal fuse located inside the unit could have blown out.

How can I find a replacement glass top button for the top lid for a GE electric percolator?

First point to be considered here is GE does not list this model of percolator. Secondly your requirement is for a 3/4 inch hole whereas most websites which have this part only stock the 13/16 inch hole components. The next available option is a much bigger size which is not a viable option for you. There is only 1/16th of a difference in size from your requirement. Hence this should be able to fit your appliance. If this does not help you need to contact the manufacturer directly. Below is the link to the site where the 13/16 inch part is available.

Percolators are mainly associated with coffee brewing units as the brewing procedure requires the percolation process to brew a good pot of coffee. They function mainly on electricity. There are other percolators used in water pipes as well. The problem you may be facing could be different from the ones stated above. Therefore the information and repair steps from an Expert will be very useful and necessary to get your percolator functional again.
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