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Pentoxifylline Information

Pentoxifylline is a medication that is often used to improve the flow of blood in people. It is normally given to patients who have circulation problems that cause aches, cramps and tiredness in the hands and feet. It may also decrease the thickness of the blood and may help the blood move more freely in the body. When an individual is in need of Pentoxifylline many questions are arise regarding the side effects, dosage as well as uses and complications. Read below where Experts have answered many questions regarding Pentoxifylline.

What is the chemical name of Pentoxifylline? What is the medicine used for?

The chemical name of Pentoxifylline is 1-(5-oxohexyl)-3, 7-dimethyxanthine. This medication is often used to reduce inflammation and innate immunity. It may also increase the deformability of the red blood cells, reduce the viscosity of blood and decrease the potential of thrombus formation.

Can Pentoxifylline help to reduce the high levels of enzymes in the liver?

Pentoxifylline may often be useful in reducing the high levels of enzymes in a person’s liver especially if it is because of alcoholic nephritis. However, the individual may also have to take nutritional supplements to decrease the enzyme levels along with the medication. Many doctors may recommend that the individual take 50 (mg) milligrams of Thiamine everyday along with supplements of Vitamin B2 and B6.

What causes penile curvature and how can it be treated?

Penile curvature may be caused due to the development of fibrosis in the penile muscles. The fibrosis may cause the curvature of the penis. If it is mild, it may not cause any type of problems. However, one may have to take medication if the curvature causes problems during sexual activity. One may take oral Pentoxifylline 4000 (mg)milligrams 3 times every day in order to relieve the symptoms. Once may also combine a local injection like Verapamil along with the Pentoxifylline to get better results.

Is it safe to take Ecotrin, Warfarin and Pentoxifylline together as blood thinners?

Some doctors feel that it may not be safe to take Ecotrin, Warfarin and Pentoxifylline together as blood thinners as it may increase the risk of major bleeding. Bleeding from the GI tract or internally in the brain may become fatal. Hence, one may need to stop the use of Pentoxifylline and Ecotrin if one is taking Warfarin.

Is there any medicine that may be used as an alternative to Diovenor?

Diovenor is usually used in order to treat venous insufficiency, vascular problems and hemorrhoids. One may use medications such as Pentoxifylline instead of Diovenor to treat venous insufficiency. Hemorrhoids on the other hand may have to be treated with surgery and topical medications.

How does Pentoxifylline help in the treatment of Thrombosis in the leg? Are there any side effects of the medication?

Pentoxifylline is normally given to an individual in order to reduce the viscosity of the blood and improve circulation in the body. In some cases, this may often lead to nausea and malaise. An individual on this medication may speak to his/her doctors in case of any of these side effects while taking this medication. The doctor may examine the individual and suggest an alternative treatment if necessary.

Is there any medication besides Cilostazol to treat pain during walking caused by peripheral artery disease?

One may use Pentoxifylline to treat the pain during walking caused by peripheral artery disease. However, this may not be as effective as Cilostazol in treating the pain. In some cases, the patient may require balloon angioplasty or surgical bypass to increase the blood supply to the legs to reduce the pain.

What kind of treatment can an 89 year old be given for hallucinating and hearing voices as well as experiencing lost track of time?

The individual should be taken to a neurologist for a checkup if they are having hallucinations and has lost track of time. The symptoms mentioned above indicate that the individual may be suffering from vascular dementia which is a common condition in people of advanced age. The condition may cause mild vascular cognitive impairment. Also, the individual may be given Pentoxifylline and Ergoloid Mesylates to increase the cerebral blood flow. The individual may also have to undergo certain tests like a CBC count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, glucose level, renal and liver function, vitamin B-12 and red blood cell folate level and thyroid function tests. MRI scan and positron emission tomography are also recommended in some cases in order to confirm the diagnosis. Like most medicines, Pentoxifylline also has a particular dosage and its own side effects. It is important to know about these side effects and the correct way of taking the medicine so that it does not cause major complications. Ask an Expert if you have any questions about Pentoxifylline or need more information about it.
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