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Pentax Camera Troubleshooting

Why is the Pentax camera beeping and shutting down? Are you unable to review pictures on the camera screen? Most of us tend to use cameras carefully, however, accidents or problems can occur inadvertently. Cameras such as the Pentax consist of delicate inner electronic components which cannot handle shocks such as dropping, extreme temperatures or humidity. If you are facing problems or have questions related to your Pentax camera they can be answered by verified Experts. Read below where Experts have answered a few questions for camera users.   

What does it mean if the Pentax camera has stopped working and ‘Error 36’ message is flashing?

Based on the symptom and error being displayed, there is a problem with the shutter mechanism or the shutter operation. In case the Pentax camera has not been used for a long time and it was exposed to fine grit, sand or dampness, this problem can occur. Camera shutter mechanisms are delicate and are generally not user repairable, therefore it needs to be carried out at an authorized repair center.

What can be done if the Pentax camera’s K-x focus switch cannot be moved from ‘MF to AF’?

This is a common issue with the Pentax camera. To deal with this the front cover on the camera should be removed to re-align the A/M switch present beneath. This is done by removing all the screws that are holding the front case using a jeweler’s screwdriver available at most tool shops. You need to be careful while doing so since there is a big flash capacitor with a 300V charge and touching it can be dangerous. You may need a manual to complete this task and since Pentax has a proprietary over them, they are available mainly at repair shops. Therefore, it may be more sensible to have it repaired by professionals.

What can be done if the Pentax camera screen remains black while trying to review any pictures taken?

If the screen is working normally while taking pictures but does not show the photo preview when the shutter button is half pressed you could have probably erroneously changed the setting.  If this is a case, a simple factory reset on the Pentax camera can clear the mistake in the settings. The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to the ‘Tools’ icon, click ‘Setup Menu’ and select ‘Reset.’
  2. The right arrow on the four-way controller can be used to select the ‘Reset’ screen.
  3. Use the up arrow on the four-way controller to select ‘Reset’ instead of ‘Cancel.’
  4. Press the ‘Ok’ button.

If this action does not clear the problem or you are unable to perform the above steps because of the screen being black, you can try an alternate reset method of removing the batteries and leaving the camera on a dry, clean and non-humid surface overnight. Reinsert the batteries and turn on the camera to check if the problem is rectified. If it persists, the camera needs to be repaired.

Why does the Pentax camera make a beeping sound and shut down when turned on?

The beeping noise along with the Pentax camera shutting down is generally associated with the lens. During power up the camera undergoes a startup process where the lens go through its full range of motion. If there is resistance during this process, the camera can go into an error state or shut down. To deal with this, you can try the following things:

  1. Check the barrel of the lens for a tiny gap where the lens and camera body meet. If the gap is larger in one area compared to another, gently press where the gap is larger to hear a ‘click.’
  2. Blow the area between the lens and the camera body using canned air. Blow short bursts of air while the lens is facing downward. Even one grain of sand can cause an error.
  3. Power down the camera, remove its batteries, memory card and any other accessories that can be removed. Allow it to remain off for a few minutes. Reinstall new or charged batteries and power the camera on to check if the problem persists.
  4. If none of the above options work, you can power on the camera and while it is turning on, strike the bottom on a hard surface such as a desk, palm of your hand or carpet. Repeat this several times at different angles. This method is the last resort which should be tried only if the camera is out of warranty.

How to prevent the Pentax camera from creating a new picture folder for each day?

The Pentax camera has two options for naming of folders. To reach those settings, put the camera in ‘P’ (program) mode, access ‘Menu’ and ‘Setup 2 menu.’ Search for the option with the folder name and change this setting from date to ‘Pentx.’ Clear the camera of any old pictures either by deleting or transferring to the computer. Format the memory card in the camera using the camera setup menu. Once the formatting is complete, take a test picture and check if it gets stored in the folder named ‘101Pentx’ or similar. Up to 500 pictures get stored in this folder which is the capacity. Then a new folder called ‘102Pentx’ gets created and so on.

The above article has provided an overview of some of the problems faced by people and insights from Experts who have provided information and important facts. This helps in making informative decisions regarding the Pentax camera problem. If you have other questions or specific problems regarding your Pentax camera, seek the guidance of verified Experts online to get answers quickly and reasonably, from the comfort of your home.

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