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Pencillin Questions

Penicillin is a category of medical antibiotics found in the Penicillium fungi. In the early days this was the first medication found to treat many diseases such as staph infections and strep throat. These antibiotics are still used in modern medicine. However, many bacterias have grown resistant to it. Penicillin is used to treat only bacterial related conditions, and is not effective in the treatment of other types of infections. Individuals with allergies to penicillin should be careful not to take any form of this medication as serious allergic reactions can occur. Read below where experts have answered questions regarding Penicillin and its side effects.

What are the side effects of Penicillin?

Penicillin has been known to cause many side effects. Below is a list of these side effects.
• Upset stomach
• Diarrhea
• Vomiting
• Nausea
• Yeast Candida
• Thrush
• Swelling
• Joint pain
• Muscle pain
• Confusion
• Swollen , black or hairy tongue

It is advised to seek prompt medication attention if experiencing any of these symptoms.

Can equine penicillin help humans?

It is not advised for humans to taken penicillin formulated for equine (horses). Penicillin is a prescription medication that should be prescribed and closely monitored by a physician. Often, when a person self medicates they do not receive the proper dosage. The bacterial infection responsible for the illness can become resistant if the proper dosage isn’t met. Medications sold at feed stores are higher concentrated injectables meant for animals only. Evan though they are meant for animals they are used as a last resort. This is because inject able Penicillin medications can cause animals to become extremely ill. Human consumption would be extremely dangerous and even fatal.

How long does a shot of penicillin for strep throat last?

Doctors will often use inject able Penicillin to help combat symptoms of strep throat. In most cases the same is done for sore throats and tonsillitis. This is because the three conditions share the same bacterial cause. The Penicillin will protect against infection for up to 28 days. For this reason other forms of Penicillin are often not required. There should be a significant improvement within 48 hours of being injected.

Can kissing after taking penicillin harm those with allergies to it?

Records have shown that a person who already has an allergy to Penicillin can have a reaction from kissing someone who has taken it. If the reaction will happen greatly depends on the severity of the person’s allergy. Precautionary measures should be taken. It is advised to refrain for kissing until the course of treatment is over. Allergic reactions can cause trouble breathing and a swelling of the throat as well as other symptoms.

Why is Clindamycin used for dental infections instead of penicillin?

Clindamycin should only be prescribed to patients who are allergic to Penicillin. The reason this is the only scenario is because Clindamycin has a greater risk of upsetting the gastro intestines. Aside from the risk of allergic reaction to some patients, the only other reason to switch to Clindamycin is if the bacteria have become resistant to Penicillin. Other than this, Penicillin is the best treatment for dental related bacterial infections.

The word Penicillin refers to a group of antibiotics that derived from the Penicillium fungi. This medication is used to treat many types of bacterial infections from dental infections to strep throat. Penicillin comes in many forms from injectables to pills. Even at this, each infection requires a certain form of this medication. Self medication or misuse can make bacteria resistant to this medication, which can lead to a spread of infection. When questions arise regarding the use of Penicillin, turn to the experts that can answer these questions and more.
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