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Punishment for Stealing

What is stealing?

Stealing, also known as theft is when a person takes another person’s property or a item/items from a place of business, without the consent or the permission of the owner of such items.

What could be the penalty for stealing $800,000 worth of fuel in the state of Texas?

In the state of Texas, stealing property valued at more than $200,000 is a first degree felony and can be punished by 5 to 99 years to life in prison and can be charged with a fine of $10,000. The courts can also try and get restitution for the victim of the stealing. If the person does not have an attorney, then it might be a good idea to get one so they can start reviewing the evidence against them.

If a person steals $40 worth of toys, would the penalty include get jail time?

Case Details: No prior records of stealing or any type of crime

The outcome of a case can never be estimated, but if the person has no prior records, then he/she will more than likely get probation, community service, and pay a fine, not any jail time. The person should not plead guilty, however they should talk to an attorney due to the fact the person may get the charge reduced or they may be eligible for some type of differed program. If the person can’t afford an attorney, then one may be appointed to them by the court of law.

Can a person change the court date if they realize they would be out of the country on that date?

Case Details: Caught stealing a dress and issued a ticket with the court date on it. Is it possible to negotiate the charges not show up on the record?

The person would need to write a letter to the court and ask for an adjournment. The person would need to enclose a copy of their ticket, the travel information to show proof. The person would also need to keep a copy of all this for his/her records. If the person does not hear from the court in a week then he/she needs to contact them to follow up on when the adjournment is.

What is the penalty for someone accused of stealing a firearm out of the mail?

Depending on the value of the property of the items that were stolen from the mail is depending on what the charge would be. Stealing from the mail is a felony in the second degree if the value of the mail exceeds $5000, a third degree felony if the mail is valued at $1000 but is less than $5000, and a misdemeanor if the mail is less than $1000. If the person still has the property, the person could be charged separately charged with Possession of Property Stolen from an Interstate Shipment. The charges for that could include fines or imprisonment that would last not more than 10 years or both.

When a person is charged with the crime of stealing, they may not know exactly what can happen or how to move forward with the charges or how to handle the possible penalties. The person would need to contact an Expert to gain insight into how they should move forward.

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