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Questions about Pemphigus in Dogs

What is pemphigus in dogs?

Pemphigus in dogs may be better known as a large collection of different autoimmune skin diseases. This may often include, cysts, ulcerations on the skin, crusting or scabbing of the skin, pustules (pus filled abrasions) and sacs of fluid. There are many different types of pemphigus that may cause issues with gums and skin tissues. Typically an autoimmune disease may be categorized by how many auto-antibodies are present in a dog’s system. Auto-antibodies may be known as the cells that attack the dog’s healthy cells and tissues. Usually the way one would known how mild or severe a case of pemphigus is, may be by how deep the auto-antibodies have burrowed into a dog’s skin.

What types of pemphigus are there and what are the symptoms of the different types of pemphigus in dogs?

One type of pemphigus may be foliaceus, this may have several symptoms. These symptoms may include but are limited to: The pads of the feet may overgrow and become cracked Cysts or sacs of fluid on the skin Gums and lips may become swollen Mild to severe pain and itchy skin Redness, crust and pustules may appear on the skin A dog may experience swollen lymph nodes Depression and lameness Fever Erythematosis May have some of the same symptoms as foliaceus Wounds around the head, face or footpads Some dogs may lose color in lips and gums Vulgaris may be the more serious type of pemphigus Depression may occur Some cases a dog may suffer from a fever Loss of appetite Itchy and painful skin Thin or deep ulcers or blisters A secondary infection may occur Gums, skin or lips may be affected

What causes pemphigus in dogs?

Some cases of pemphigus may be idiopathic; this typically means that the cause may be unknown. There may be some cases where the pemphigus could be caused from a bad reaction to a medication. However there may be a small number of cases that could be caused form certain types of, cancers in the stomach, pancreas, liver or intestines. Typically these causes may be more linked to humans but could be a cause in dogs also. For more information regarding pemphigus in dogs such as, is there a cure for pemphigus in dogs or can pemphigus in dogs cause death. Read below where an Expert could answer these questions and many others.

Is there a cure for pemphigus foliaceus in dogs?

As of right now vets may not have a cure for pemphigus foliaceus in dogs. This disease may be known as an autoimmune disease, which typically means a dog’s body is attacking itself. With an autoimmune disease a dog’s immune system may identify certain parts of the dog’s body to attack. This may mean that the pemphigus is connecting skin cells that are affected, in result the cells are disintegrating. This may cause crusting which may be one of the most common symptoms of pemphigus foliaceus that is seen.

Can a dog receive a rabies vaccine that has pemphigus?

It may not be recommended by vets to give vaccines to a dog that has pemphigus. The reason for this may be due to the fact that vaccines may cause a dog’s immune system to act up. Typically when a dog has an autoimmune disease the immune system may need to be suppressed to help keep symptoms of the disease under control. Pemphigus in dogs may be a complex disease that attacks the immune system of a dog. Autoimmune disease may be a scary issue for dog owners. When a dog owner finds out that their dog has pemphigus this could cause the owner to ask several different questions. These questions may include, is it possible for a dog to pass pemphigus to another dog or human or can pemphigus cause death to a dog. For more information regarding pemphigus in dogs contact an Expert.
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