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Pelvic Pain Treatment Related Questions

Pelvic pain can occur at any time in a woman's life. In many cases, an infection or cyst could be the cause of the pain. However, pelvic pain may also be an indication of a more serious hidden issue that needs medical attention. To learn about the many causes of pelvic pain, take a look below at the questions that have been answered by the Experts.

What does pelvic pain in pregnancy mean?

Generally, a woman can experience pelvic pain at any time during a pregnancy. What usually happens is that hormonal changes start widening the birth canal. As the woman enters her second or third trimester, the baby starts nestling lower into the birth canal which could put pressure on the pelvic bones. Usually the pain is bearable but never extreme.

If there is intense pain, the woman should consult with an OB/GYN. They can then perform an exam to see if the baby is positioned wrongly which could be the cause of the excessive pain. In most cases, a pregnant woman can safely take 325mg of Tylenol four times daily to relieve the pain.

What could cause pelvic pain with stomach bloating for a period of over two months?

In certain cases, a leaking ovarian cyst can create bloating and pelvic pain but the symptoms generally don’t last for two months. Another cause for the pain could be Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) but the pain and discomfort would be more noticeable in relation to bowel movements. In some cases, ovarian cancer can also have similar symptoms although the majority of women who complain of pelvic pain and bloating don't usually have ovarian cancer. At this stage, it is better to visit a doctor who can perform a pelvic and abdominal exam as well as an ultrasound to check for an ovarian cyst or ovarian tumor.

What causes pelvic pain with sweat, frequent urination and pain before and after intercourse?

Case details: Hysterectomy performed two years ago due to pelvic pain and endometriosis. On premarin pills.

These symptoms are generally associated with prolapse and should be discussed with the woman's OB/GYN. In most cases, this issue can be surgically corrected. In addition, the woman could use an Estring in the vagina or a Climara patch instead of the Premarin pill. Any use of antibiotics, however, could make the pelvic problems worse.

Can a hormonal imbalance cause recurring pelvic pain (mild contraction) a week before my period every month?

Case details: Pain comes in cycles and is located in lower right side of the abdomen, no endometriosis found.

These symptoms are usually associated with Pelvic Congestion Syndrome (PCS) in which the veins located in the pelvic area become congested and cause pain. Typically, no one knows what causes this condition and there are no specific physical characteristics that can be found while performing a laparoscopy. Women can experience pain at different times. In some women, it could be before a period, others experience pain through the entire period and many more experience a constant dull pain before, during and after a period. The usual treatment for this condition is generally pain medication.

Can pelvic pain and shoulder pain be connected when someone has an ovarian cyst of 6cm?

Case details: Shoulder pain and cyst both located on the left side.

In most cases, a cyst located on the left side shouldn’t cause pain in the left shoulder. The shoulder pain is probably musculoskeletal in nature and should be examined by a doctor.

As far as the cyst is concerned, any woman who has a cyst that is 6 cm usually would have to get the cyst treated. Left untreated, the woman has a high risk of losing her ovary to ovarian torsion. Ovarian torsion actually cuts the blood supply off from the ovary and the ovary can die if not treated.

Many women experience pelvic pain which can be caused by different issues. If you have any questions or concern about pelvic pain and its treatment, ask an Expert for medical insights and possible solutions based on your case. They can offer information both quickly and at affordable rates.
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