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Payroll Laws

The word payroll has a number of different meanings. Giving out paychecks, (paper or electronic), to workers every payday. The financial reports for worker earnings and income, withholding, removal, additional benefit, compensation for time that was not worked such as (holidays, breaks off, ill time, etc.) and other stuff on the workers paychecks. It could also mean the notation of the entire wages of each worker for a corporation in a financial year. One can often have questions like this arise. Help with payroll law questions can be asked to the Experts.

If an employee refuses to take a cut in pay for doing their same job and the employer keeps missing payroll, can the employee collect unemployment if they lose their job?

If the worker is not being paid correctly, then that is a good reason to leave their job and submit an application for unemployment benefits in regards to constructing termination.

In the state of Texas, can employers provide only electronic payroll to employees and no paper and is the ruling on employers having to prove all employees have access ?

A few States’ have a bylaw demanding a paper stub, if the individual asks for it, however in the state of Texas it is not mandatory. Here is a helpful site pertaining to Texas laws. http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/. It states: "c) An income report might be in any type decided by the company. The data obligated by Subsection (b) might be confirmed on a check receipt or bank summary given to a worker for the workers’ income."

In the state of Illinois, if a payroll date falls on a holiday, does the employer have an obligation to be in the office to hand out the checks?

There is not anything in Federal or Illinois income laws that obligate an individual to compensate workers early, when their normal payday lands on a holiday. In the Illinois income compensation and Collection Act, if the worker is compensated on a semi-monthly or biweekly base, then the only regulation is that they have to obtain an imbursement no later than 13 days following the end of the pay time. For people that are paid weekly, that is altered to a week. In addition, there is no obligation that someone gives out checks on a normal workday.

If an employee refuses to go to work and deal with a bounced check that the employer was at fault for, can they be fired?

If the employee does not go to work to handle the issue of the bounced check than yes, the manager could terminate the employee. If the employer has given the employee another check and tried to fix the situation, then there is no reason for the employee to not show for work, but if this were something that happens all the time, then it would be a good cause for the employee to freely end their employment. If the manager fires the employee for not coming to work and shows that the manager was, creating good on the checks it will hurt the employees reason for parting with good cause.

Do employees have a right to payroll deduction, under the 14th amendment if they’re a public employee instead of an employee of the organization that they would like for deductions to be held out for?

Typically, employees do not have a privilege to payroll deduction in the 14th Amendment. They could on the other hand, use their payroll check (once they cash it) however, they decide to do with it (to compensate organizational tolls).

Payroll laws, employee payroll, payroll policies, missed payroll, and other questions may come up when an employee is working for an employer. When these questions arise, the Experts are available to answer and insight on payroll questions.
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