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Passport RV Trailer Related Questions

What can be done about heat not functioning on the Passport trailer? Or, do you need to know why the lights are weakly lit on the Passport RV trailer? How long this RV lasts is dependent on its maintenance and condition. Moreover, most of the components or equipment in the Passport is dependent on its power supply or battery. If problems were to arise with this, it can lead to many inconveniences and issues to run and operate the Passport. In such scenarios, verified mechanical Experts online can provide solutions and answers as and when you need them.

Read below where Experts have answered a few questions about Passport RV trailers.

What can be done if the heat is not working on a Keystone Passport travel trailer?

Case Details: The fan blows and heat is coming from the exterior but no heat within the trailer.

Usually, the Passport trailers are equipped with direct ignition furnaces where turning the thermostat on and setting the temperature should get the furnace working. The blower should turn on first to purge the chamber for combustion. After the blower turns on normally, it can be heard trying to spark when the circuit board sends a signal to the gas valve and electrode. If there is no spark, the battery voltage should be checked. The blower has to reach speed to close a sail switch and once this sail switch closes, a signal is communicated to the circuit board. Typically, low voltage can slow the fan producing no sparks. If sparks are heard but no heat, the main LP tank valve should be verified to check if it is open. Close it and reopen slowly. If the valve is opened too fast, the regulator can seize preventing accurate pressure. You need to ensure the internal LP detector is turned on as well.

Why have the front power jack, stabilizers and slide stopped working on the Keystone Passport Ultralight model?

Normally, the components which are not working are powered directly from the battery. Therefore, you need to ensure there is good battery voltage. The cables should be clean and secure, including the main grounding. Next, follow the cables to check for auto breakers. Generally, they are present 18 inches from the battery and are mounted on the frame. The voltage on them should be equal on each post or in a similar range. Most of them also have a small tab which pops when they trip. Typically, there would be one for the slide room and another for the jacks. You should also check the voltage on each post, positive on each side to chassis ground. If the voltage is not the same on either side, it means it has failed. Usually, they have a stamp displaying the amp rating. They are easily replaceable and available at most Auto parts stores for a couple of dollars. It should be noted that if the auto breakers are thermal, they will not have tabs.

What should be done about battery problems after it was plugged in reverse on a 2011 Passport 2590 trailer?

Case Details: It was used in this manner for three months, after which the battery went dead suddenly.

The first thing would be to replace the battery especially if it was connected wrongly. This could have caused some damage such as shorting the battery out. The Passport can be operated without the battery temporarily because the power converter will generate sufficient voltage. If the problem continues to persist despite a new battery, the problem could be a damaged power converter preventing switch over to battery power.

Why are lights and small electrical components very weakly lit when the Keystone Passport is plugged at a camp resort?

Case Details: The bigger appliances such as AC and slide out is not working.

In order to confirm the actual problem, a volt-meter should be used to check the house batteries. When plugged in, the house battery voltage should rise above 13 volts. If the voltage does not rise, it is probably an issue with the power supply, the converter or inverter. The converter is normally located near a fuse panel. You should also check whether fuses for the converter have blown. Since the converter needs time to charge the battery completely, it would be helpful to shut off lighting, wait and check if the battery is able to charge. It is also possible that the battery is weak and to rule it out the load should be tested.

How to discover where the Keystone Passport 245RB slide is leaking?

Slide room leaks can be time consuming to find. To locate it, first thing would be to dry the area well. Next, check the hardware on the exterior around the slide room, ensuring everything is sealed. Inspect the swipe seal around the room for any gaps. Next, have a helper inside the unit, and another person spray the slide room in small sections using a sprayer nozzle on a garden hose. Simulate steady rain with sprayer and inspect one area at a time. You may need to wait for some time for water to enter and travel to different sections. You need to ensure that when you are running the room in after spraying, you should stop every few feet to allow the water to run off the top. This sprayer should help pinpoint the area of entry or leak.

As seen above, Passport RV troubleshooting is simple with help from Experts. With detailed answers and explanations, you are in a better position to take the right decision with regard to your Passport RV trailer problems. Moreover, this article is only an overview of issues faced. You can seek help for your particular problem from RV Experts online and obtain answers and solutions in a quick and affordable manner.

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