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Passport Renewal Rules

A valid passport is one of the most important documents to legally prove one’s citizenship in any country. Renewal of an expired passport is as strict as obtaining a new one. There are a number of conditions that must be met for successful passport renewal in the U.S. Many times citizens face questions when dealing with passport renewal problems. Below are questions asked by people that have faced issues getting their passports renewed with the answers given by the Experts.

How to renew the passport of a 6 year old child whose non-U.S. citizen father is absconding

Case Details: The father has been absconding since 2008? Although I have sole custody of our child, I received it by applying for default, with no judgment as such from the court.

You have two options –

  1. You could renew the child’s passport by petitioning to the court and obtaining a court order that gives you the right to apply for your child’s passport.
  2. On the passport application, you could explain why the father of the child cannot be contacted, and you may be granted permission by the passport office to renew your child’s passport by yourself.

Question about two passports while traveling when you have dual citizenship

Case Details: If someone has dual citizenship, with an Australian and British passport and will be traveling to US/Canada under a Visa Waiver Program using the British passport; would there be a problem entering Australia if the departure stamp is only on the new Australian passport if the VWP is on the British passport?

Entering the U.S. should not be a problem so long as the ESTA/VWP is attached to the same passport that you will use to travel; you can use the British passport to enter the U.S. However, you may need to seek outside Expert advice regarding Australian immigration for further questions.

Can you renew a US passport when you also have citizenship of Great Britain.

Case Details: I possess a U.S. passport due for renewal. I recently obtained Great Britain citizenship without giving up my U.S. citizenship, by taking an oath of allegiance to the Queen, as my mother is British and the laws have changed to allow this. I am worried because according to the passport renewal application, this is one of the acts that require explanation, if committed.

Since dual nationality is recognized by the U.S, you should be okay. You must explain the circumstances and reasons for your actions and make it clear that you did not and do not intend to relinquish your U.S. citizenship, either before a passport official or by using a notarized written statement, or both. You could take a look at and for further information.

Renewing a passport in the absence of Certificate of Citizenship or Certificate of Naturalization.

Case Details: I am an 18 year old who entered the U.S. when I was 6 months old on my mother’s passport. I am not in touch with my mother I do not have a Certificate of Citizenship, nor have access to her Certification of Naturalization, either of which the Passport Office deems necessary for renewal of my passport. What are my options?

You could try applying for renewal of passport by mail by sending the original expired passport (keep photocopies with you). You could also try requesting a copy of your immigration file by filing a G-369 which can be found at If none of these work, you should know that if you face deportation at any time, the USCIS will have access to all your documents and your U.S. citizenship could be proven.

Can I renew my Russian passport in the U.S. while I am here on an expired U.S. education visa?

In most cases, you should be able to get your Russian passport renewed by visiting the Russian Consulate, but they would require your birth certificate. They are located at – 9 East 91st Street, New York, NY 10128. You will not be penalized in your home embassy for the expired status of your U.S. education visa.

US passport renewal denied due to back child support

Case Details: If someone was born in the U.K with a U.S. citizenship by naturalization, denied a passport renewal due to back child support can the person get a renewal on the U.K. passport to be used to re-enter the U.S.?

U.S. citizens must enter the U.S. with a U.S. passport. Entering the U.S. with a U.K. passport could land you in trouble for misuse of passport. If you are found guilty of providing wrong information during the security checks done by the TSA while you fly, regarding the travel documents you declared while obtaining your boarding pass, you could be punished. You could try flying to and from Canada and take a risk by entering the U.S. through a land crossing, where you will need to declare your citizenship and may be allowed to enter with a warning even without the passport.

If you have tried to renew a passport, you may have realized the intricacies that guide the decisions made for the passport renewal process and applications. It is advisable to seek expert help to clarify any queries about passport renewal, to avoid receiving rejections, or facing delays due to incomplete adherence to requirements. The Experts can help answer questions regarding passport renewal.

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