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Parole Violation Consequences & other Parole Law Questions

What is parole violation?

A violation of any kind of conditions or rules that may be set by the Parole Board is called parole violation. Violation of parole can have dire consequences. It is important for parolees to know about and adhere to laws governing parole violation. Below are answers to some of the commonly asked questions about parole violation consequences and parole law.

What are the consequences of parole violation in Kansas?

According to the Kansas state law, a violation of parole may result in re-imprisonment for the period of time that was remaining on the sentence at the time of release on parole.

Would it be considered a parole violation if a parolee on state charges had ammunition in their house while on parole?

If the parole papers state that the parolee is not allowed to possess any kind of weapons or ammunition when on parole, then this can be considered as a violation of parole. The provisions of the parole papers would determine what is considered a parole violation.

Can a parole officer be forced to report violation of parole?

An individual may not be able to force a parole officer to report a parole violation. The individual may only inform the parole officer, or in some situations, the individual may also inform the police about the illegal activities of the parolee if he/she has proof.

What are the consequences of a second time parole violation in an aggravated assault case in the state of Florida?

The punishment for parole violation can vary in different parts of the United States. In Florida, an individual may get up to 5 years of imprisonment in a state jail for second time violation of parole for aggravated assault.

Would it be considered a parole violation if an individual left the state in which they were on parole?

This could be considered a violation of parole if the individual fails to inform the parole officer or the Department of Corrections. If this individual leaves the state, an arrest warrant may be issued in their name.

What is the meaning of C38 in a parole violation hearing in Michigan?

A C38 means that the individual’s parole has been cancelled and that he/she may be put in prison again.

What would be considered as parole violation in New Jersey?

There can be a lot of instances that may be considered to be violation of parole. Nonpayment of fine, failure to appear in court, not completing community service, violating rules, committing another crime when on parole and getting arrested once again when on parole may be some of the parole violations.

Is there a time limit for a state to arrest an individual from another state for parole violation?

According to the Uniform Criminal Extradition Act, a state usually has 30 days to arrest an individual from another state for parole violation.

A lot of things may constitute a parole violation. If you are on parole, it is important for you to know which of your actions may lead to a violation of parole and which may not. The rules regarding parole and parole violation may differ from state to state. It is important to be well aware of, and to comply with the provisions of your parole papers.

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