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Parkinson’s Disease Treatment

What is Parkinson’s disease as well as Parkinson’s disease causes?

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive nervous system disorder. This disease affects movement and comes on gradually. Parkinson’s disease may begin with a tremor in the hand that is hardly noticeable. This disease in the early stages can affect facial expressions, arm swing motion and speech.

There are no known Parkinson’s disease causes, however some factors seem to play a role in such cause. Many researchers have linked certain genetic mutations to this disease. However, these genetic mutations are extremely rare. Additionally, there are certain genetic variations such as polymorphisms that can increase the risk of this disease.

It is also believed that environment triggers can play a role in the cause of Parkinson’s disease. Being exposed to certain types of toxins or environment factors can increase the risk of having this disease.

Researchers are actively working on the puzzle that is Parkinson’s disease cause. Not knowing can be very concerning. Uncertainties about Parkinson’s disease symptoms or treatments can lead to similar questions like the ones answered below by Experts.

What Parkinson’s disease treatment would help sexual dysfunction?

It is not uncommon for sexual dysfunction to be present in those with this disease. Percent wise, this can occur in about 60-80% of patients. Sexual dysfunction related to Parkinson’s disease may be caused from emotions, muscle dysfunction, decrease in testosterone levels or it can be psychosexual. Sexual dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease treatment can include medications, surgery and vacuum type devices.

What are Parkinson’s disease symptoms?

The earliest Parkinson’s disease symptoms or signs are tremors. These tremors can occur in the hands, legs, arms, face and jaw. Parkinson’s disease symptoms typically begin slow and then gradually worsen over time. Other Parkinson’s disease symptoms can include an impaired balanced, impaired coordination and slowed movement. It is also common for symptoms of stiffness in the arms, legs and trunk to be present.

What local anesthetics can be used with Parkinson’s disease?

The National Parkinson Foundation has a published document that addresses medicines for Parkinson’s disease. In this publication there is an Appendix (Appendix D pages 73 & 74) that details the medicines that individuals with this disease should not use. This publication can be found on the web at Typically lidocaine and Novocain can be used for local anesthesia in patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Is it possible suffer from Parkinson's Disease at an early age such as 17?

As they say, “anything is possible”, however to be suffering from Parkinson’s disease at such an early age as 17, this can be unlikely. Typically, the average age of onset is sixty years old. Individuals who have onset younger than forty years old is uncommon and onset of Parkinson’s disease before the age of twenty-one is rare. Generally, the progression of Parkinson’s disease symptoms can take twenty plus years to come into effect. In some cases, this disease does have the potential to progress at a faster rate.

Does Parkinson’s disease ultimately result in death?

Parkinson’s disease will not cause death as it is not a fatal disease. Parkinson’s disease symptoms however do not typically go away. This is a degenerative progressive disease that continues to worsen within a ten to twenty year diagnosis. Parkinson’s disease can lead to other issues that then may cause death such as aspiration of food in the lungs or loss of balance which if results in head injury can lead to death.

Having the right kind of Parkinson’s disease information can help when sorting through questions about Parkinson’s disease. Expert can help answer questions about Parkinson’s disease and heredity or if there are any preventive Parkinson’s disease treatments available. Get the answers you seek by asking an Expert today.
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