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Parking Violation Questions

What is a parking violation?

When a person parks his/her car in an unapproved or restricted place, then this is considered to be a parking violation. When a person parks in a way that is against the law or rules of an area, then many times an officer will issue the person a traffic ticket for the parking violation that he/she has committed.

If a person moves into an apartment complex and parks in a handicapped parking space, what can they do to get out of the ticket if the handicap sign was only two foot high and barely visible?

The person would need to contact the number on the ticket and explain the situation to them. The person may be able to get the fine reduced since the person had just moved in and the sign was barely visible from the car. Since the person parked in a handicapped spot, then the only thing they can do at this point is to get the fine reduced.

If a military person receives a parking ticket that they did not do, but that their ex-spouse had done, what can they do to get the tickets out of their name and not have to pay the fine?

The person would need to look on the tickets and dispute the tickets in accordance with the rules on the back of the tickets. The person would need to prove that they were not liable for the tickets and provide the ticket place with the name and number of the person who is actually responsible for the written tickets. Since the person is in the military, they may be able to have a Judge Advocate General lawyer to send a letter to the parking ticket bureau.

What types of forms can a person fill out to dispute a parking violation that he/she received?

The information for a person to challenge a ticket will be located on the back of the ticket that the person has received. In most cases, the person will be required to request a hearing. The person would then need to draft a letter explaining why he/she is not responsible for the tickets or the fine money. In most cases the clerk will have a copy of the form to fill out and can mail the form to the person that needs it or the person can pick the form up from the county clerk.

If a person has a parking violation that they did not pay and then went to jail for, would he/she have to put this as a misdemeanor conviction on a Texas State application?

A parking violation is not considered to be a misdemeanor. The failure to pay the ticket resulted in a bench warrant being issued and gave the police authorization to arrest the person. Unless the person pleads guilty to a new charge of some sort, then the ticket would not be classified as a misdemeanor and would only be considered a minor traffic offense.

When a person receives a parking violation he/she may have questions regarding their rights to dispute the charges, if the charges are real, or if the charges are a criminal type of charge. When these questions arise, then the person will need to consult an Expert to gain insight to the situation.
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