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Parking Ticket Questions

Parking tickets occur when a person parks their vehicle in a restricted area without the proper authorization. While parking one either side of a road is usually allowed in assigned areas, it is illegal to park a vehicle in the middle of a street or highway. Traffic tickets are usually issued by a police officer or other authorized government agent. If the driver is not present at the time the ticket is issued, the officer will usually place the ticket on the vehicle (usually under the windshield wiper). Many states will tow a vehicle if the owner has unpaid or overdue parking tickets. If you live in New York City, you risk having your vehicle impounded and sold at auction after unpaid tickets reach a certain amount. If you want to learn more about parking tickets, take a look at the questions below that have been answered by Experts.

I owe $1,000 for a parking ticket after missing my court date. I had moved and I sent a letter explaining the missed court date but never received a response. What can I do?

Generally, a hearing on a parking ticket would be set for several weeks after it was issued. The fact that you moved probably won't change the fact that you missed the court date. If you had your mailing address forwarded through the postal service, you would have received the court notice in ample time to make an appearance. This is probably going to be the judge's view on the situation. Therefore, the judge probably won't accept the move as an excusable reason for missing your court date. Due to these factors, it would appear that your only recourse would be to either pay the parking ticket/fine or refuse to do so.

My daughter received a parking ticket for parking in a handicapped parking zone in 2003, the car is registered in my name. Do I have any recourse other than pay the balance?

When a parking ticket is issued, the owner of the car is the one who is responsible for paying. The only way a person may be able to avoid paying the ticket would be if they can prove that the vehicle had been sold prior to the parking ticket. If this isn't the case, the only other choice would be to notify the violations bureau that your daughter was the one who parked the car in the handicap parking and she should be the one to pay the ticket. However, if you choose to do this, your daughter will have to pay the fine. The parking ticket will not simply go away because there is no Statute of Limitations for tickets. The ticket is a government debt and the violations bureau can collect at any time.

I received a parking ticket in LA. They have the tag number correct, but the state is listed as CA, not Nevada where the plate is registered. Is this a mistake that voids the ticket for collection?

The officer who wrote the ticket made a minor clerical error which wouldn't be enough to void the ticket. However, with the high volume of parking tickets that are issued, it would be nearly impossible for the officer to remember exactly what state plate was on the car when they wrote the ticket. For this reason, it may be hard for the agency to collect. So, technically, the ticket is still a valid parking ticket, but the mistake makes it very hard for the agency to collect on.

I was issued a parking ticket on Monday for parking in a spot that says "no parking 12-2 Sunday". Is there not a law in NJ that makes it illegal for an officer or parking ticket dispenser to give an illegal ticket?

In order to argue that you were not illegally parked, you would have to appear at your court date and bring the matter up. You could also go to the police department where the officer works and bring this to their attention. The officer who wrote the ticket must abide by the laws. If you received the ticket on a Monday and the sign said no parking on Sunday, the issue should be brought to the department's attention. It may happen that the officer will be at the court when you appear. The officer will probably have to explain to the court why he issued the ticket.

I got a school issued parking ticket today from De Anza College in San Jose California. Is there any way I can get in trouble by the city for not paying this?

If the parking ticket was issued by the College, it probably wouldn't affect your driving record. However, if you don't pay the ticket, it may be turned over to a collection agency. Another possible problem would be the College denying you any services unless you pay the parking ticket.

Parking tickets are issued by officers to those who illegally park their vehicle. While the ticket can be a hassle, it must be paid. However, there are times when a person is wrongfully issued a parking ticket. When this happens, many questions arise about how to resolve the issue. If you are faced with this issue or have questions regarding a parking ticket, you should ask an Expert for legal insight.
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