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Parking Ticket Related Questions

Do you have a parking ticket and don't know what to do? Do you want to learn more about parking ticket laws? Parking tickets are given when a vehicle is violating city ordinances or state laws. When it comes to legal issues, having the most accurate knowledge available is the key to a good defense. Read below where verified Experts have answered questions regarding parking ticket related questions.        

Is it legal for someone to receive a fine of $500 or jail time for parking on their own grass?

Every town across the United States has a set of ordinances with fines that are set for each offense. If an ordinance states that they fine a renter or homeowner who parks on their grass is $500, this is actually the maximum amount that town can charge the individual. The individual can go to court and argue the amount and the judge will have the final say on the charge.

Can a person get a ticket for parking in a handicapped parking space that is not clearly marked?

If a driver is given a parking ticket for parking in a handicap space that isn't properly marked, there are a couple of things that can be done. First, the driver should take several pictures of the parking space to prove the space isn't properly displayed as a designated handicap space. These pictures can help strengthen the driver's reason for unknowingly parking there.

If parking tickets are issued to a vehicle when it's stolen, does the owner of the stolen vehicle have to pay for the fines?     

If the owner of the stolen car can prove that the car was missing during the time the parking tickets were given, the owner wouldn't be responsible for the fines. A copy of the police report should provide enough evidence to the collection’s agency. The parking tickets would be considered 'invalid' debt and cannot be collected from the owner.

How does someone proceed when they receive a penalty for a parking ticket that was sent to the wrong address?

Anyone has the right to dispute a parking ticket. However, in a case such as this, a simple clerical error is not enough to have the parking ticket dismissed. The district attorney (DA) handling the courts traffic docket can have the officer testify to the judge that he/she made a mistake on the address. The DA would then ask the judge to amend the ticket to show the driver's address. It is unlikely that the judge will allow the parking ticket to be dismissed.

If someone sells a car that has parking tickets issued to it, do they still have to pay the tickets?

When a parking ticket is issued, it is connected to the license tag number which is directly connected to the owner. Late fees and fines can be attached to the parking ticket and if left unpaid, a warrant for the owner's arrest can be issued. The driver can go online to the location of the issuance of the parking ticket and type in the ticket number or the driver's name and get an amount owed. If the driver would rather take care of the tickets in person, the county clerk's office can help.

Is the driver or owner of the car, if different, responsible for paying a parking ticket?       

This usually depends on whether the violation was against the driver or against the vehicle. If the violation is against the vehicle (broken tail light, uninspected vehicle, etc.), the owner is liable for payment. If the violation is against the driver (speeding, parking, wrong turn), the person driving the car at the time is liable for the ticket. There are cases where the owner may be liable for a ticket if caught by a traffic camera. The owner must prove someone else was driving at the time of the ticket to avoid a fine.

What happens to unpaid out-of-state parking tickets?

There is little that can be done to a person who does not pay out-of-state parking tickets. However, if the driver moves to the state where the tickets were issued, he/she may not be able to renew their driver's license or register a vehicle until the tickets are paid. There is a chance the state will turn the parking tickets over to a collections agency that would place a claim against the driver.

Many questions arise when a driver gets a parking ticket. While some people ignore these citations, the charges can still pile up against the driver or owner of the car, if different. When you are in need of legal assistance, contact an Expert online for the most reliable information. Verified legal Experts are available at your convenience from the privacy of your home.

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