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Park Model RV Related Questions

Is it normal for park model RVs to have no vent connections for heat and air to escape? Or, are you facing water heater problems on your park model RV? Park model trailers are commonly used by many camping enthusiasts. In most cases, problems or issues related to the RV, including park models, is dependent on its maintenance and condition. Moreover, these vehicles are essentially home on wheels which means, issues with its components or equipment can be troublesome and inconvenient. In such scenarios, verified RV Experts online can provide quick and affordable solutions when you need them.

Read below where Experts have answered a few questions about park model RVs.

Is it normal for a park model RV to have no vent connection for air and heat to escape?

Case Details: A washer/dryer needs to be installed in the RV which already has the necessary provision.

Normally, the wiring and plumbing is in place but the opening or cutout for the vent needs to be completed. To do this, a hole-saw that goes in a drill can be used and is available at most Home Improvement stores. These stores are also equipped with the dryer vent and flex hose. The hole-saw needed would be approximately 4 1/4 inch. However, it would be wise to measure it against the inner part of the dryer vent which goes into the wall, which is usually round. Prior to drilling, the exterior should be masked or covered up. In case the vents are already in place, the ducting can be obtained and the hose can be clamped to the flange on the dryer and the exterior vent.

How to seal a leaking tip-out on a Golden Falcon park model RV as it is starting to cause internal damage?

Normally, the seal used for the tip-outs are a foam variety which prevents moisture from entering the trailer. You need to use ‘flashing,’ and roof coating to seal the rooms similar to what is done on a permanent fixture sealing the two tip-outs as this offers a long term solution. The materials needed are commonly available in most builder supply stores.

Would it be sensible to remove the ceiling of a RV park model to locate a dead rodent in the AC duct work?

Although this is a common problem with many different types of RV’s including park models, removing the ceiling and repairing it after removing the dead animal may not be a feasible option. First, locating the dead animal within the duct work would be difficult as it is probably in the walls. The second aspect is the cost of re-doing the walls and ceiling is high. Therefore, a better option would be to find the route the animal took to enter the RV and fix or seal the opening to prevent this from re-occurring. To deal with the smell of the dead rodent, allow it to dry out for a couple of days and the smell should disappear.

What can be done about water heater switch problems installed in a RV park Model?

Case Details: The switch turns on after water is used and needs to be turned off and on again.

In such a scenario, the first thing would be to replace the thermostat and ECO. These are located on the flush of the tank. The next thing would be access the control board which is under the exterior cover. Pull the connector on the board and clean the contacts using a pencil eraser. Ensure any visible wires are clean and secure. The issue could be that the control board is not sensing the current. Therefore, the circuit board should be tested at any of the RV shops using a special tester because it could be the board is faulty.

How to check which component is draining the two 12 volt deep cell batteries on the Wildwood park model RV?

Typically, equipment that usually causes a current draw are the step light below the entry step, remaining on or a domestic fridge with a high humidity switch. Therefore, even if the fridge were off, it will draw from the battery. To check, begin by having the battery load tested. Most Auto parts stores do this free of charge. If the batteries are weak, they will not be able to hold a charge for long. The cable connections should also be verified to see if they are tight and clean. In order to locate a hidden draw, a test light is required and can be obtained from an Auto parts store as well. Ensure the batteries are charged, pull the main negative cable off the batteries and connect one end of the test light to the cable that was pulled off. The other should be connected to the negative post. Observe the test light, it should be very faint. If it is bright, it implies there is a voltage draw or drain. A second person can go to the fuse box and remove one fuse at a time until the test light goes dull. Doing this helps identify the circuit draining the battery, allowing you to investigate it. The test light trick should help you find the draw allowing you to leave that fuse out if it does not affect your living conditions.

As seen above, park model RV troubleshooting is fairly simple when you have help from Experts. The detailed answers and explanations puts you in a better position of understanding the problems and possible solutions at hand. This helps make the right decision regarding your RV trailer problems. Moreover, this article is only an overview of issues faced. You can seek help for your particular RV park model problem from Experts online to obtain answers in a quick and affordable manner.

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