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Parental Consent Questions

Parental consent is needed for all decisions a child makes; however, once they reach a certain age they can become emancipated and make decisions for themselves. If a child does not get emancipated but wants to move in with someone other than the parents, then parents are still financially responsible. Read below where Experts on JustAnswer have provided customized answers for others regarding parental consent. 

In New Jersey what is the legal age for a child to leave home without parental consent?

In New Jersey, the child can legally move from the parent’s home at the age of 18 without consent. If the child is younger than that, the child must go before the court and apply for emancipation. Until the emancipation is granted, the parent is responsible for the child. 

What is the law for a 17-year-old that wants to live somewhere other than with the parent?

The duty of the parent is to make sure that their child is living in a safe environment. If they agree for the child to live somewhere else other than with the parent, then they would normally need to have an informal agreement with the other person. If any legal questions arise, then the parent could give the other person parental power of attorney. These forms can be found online. Even Experts on JustAnswer can help ensure you follow the correct legal procedures in such situations.

Can a 16-year-old child get married without parental consent?

At the age of 16, the parent is still legally responsible for a child. In order for the child to make decisions about marriage, he/she would usually need to first be emancipated. When going before the court for emancipation, the court will have forms the minor must fill out and turn in, and instructions for the minor to follow. The clerk will then set a hearing and the parents of the child will have the opportunity to tell the judge why they think their child should or should not be emancipated. If the judge grants the emancipation then the child will be able to make their own choices as an adult, and if not then the parent will continue to be legally responsible for their child. 

If no sexual contact is involved, can a 15-year-old date a 19-year-old without parental consent?

In most cases, they have the legal right to date without parental consent. Even if there is sexual contact, it will not be considered statutory rape. Statutory rape in the second degree would consist of any person age 21 and over that has sexual relations with a person of age 17 or younger. 

On turning 18 what are children allowed do to without parental consent?

When children reach the age of 18, they are considered legal adults. They are able to make their own choices and are responsible for their actions. In short, any and every decision of life can be taken by a child without parental consent after reaching the age of 18. There could be exceptions to this, if the court deems the child incapable of making decisions on his/her behalf due to mental instability or other factors that may render the child incapable of this. 

Once the child is considered legally an adult, they are deemed responsible for their own actions. The parent is no longer able to make their choices for them and they usually do not need the consent of parents. However, there could be exceptions to this situation. If you are not sure of the legal standing, you could ask a Family Lawyer on JustAnswer and get Expert legal insights on your case.

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