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Pancreatitis in Dogs

What is pancreatitis in dogs and what causes it?

When a dog’s pancreas becomes inflamed and swollen this could be a sign that the dog has pancreatitis. Some cases of pancreatitis may be mild or severe depending on how long the disease has gone without treatment. Some dogs may suffer from pancreatitis if they have been taking corticosteroids, dogs may have a higher risk if Cushing syndrome, diabetes mellitus or hypothyroidism is present. Dogs that are overweight spayed or on high fatty diets may be more at risk. Some dogs may suffer from pancreatitis from eating table scraps too often.

How are dogs treated for pancreatitis?

Typically a dog that has been diagnosed with pancreatitis would need to be hospitalized. While in the hospital the dog may be treated for shock and dehydration. One of the more important things a veterinarian may do is to let the pancreas rest. What this typically means is that the dog may not be given any food or water by mouth for a few days. A dog’s fluid and electrolytes may be regulated by intravenous (IV) saline fluids. Some dogs may require antibiotics to help stop a secondary bacterial infection from forming. Typically a dog’s pain may be controlled with medication. Read below where Experts have answered commonly asked questions about pancreatitis in dogs.

What are the most common symptoms of pancreatitis in dogs?

Some of the signs or symptoms of pancreatitis in dogs include but are not limited to:
• Loss in appetite
• Some dogs may lose weight
• Mild or severe diarrhea
• Often vomiting may occur
• Typically a dog may have some type of abdominal pain
• A dog may be extremely exhausted
• The dog may be Irritable

Are there any over the counter foods that could be good for a dog with pancreatitis?

There are several over the counter foods that are made for dogs that have pancreatitis. Some veterinarians may recommend Hills I/D. This is regarded by many as one of the best foods for a dog with pancreatitis. However this normally needs a prescription. Over the counter foods include Royal Canine Low fat diet or Purina Pro Plan. Typically this is found in a local pet store and is made specifically for dogs with pancreatitis.

Would it be harmful to feed a toy sized dog potato chips and crackers?

It may not be good to feed these types of foods to a small dog or any dog in for that matter. Potato chips are high in salt and fats. This could be dangerous for a dog; in some cases a dog could develop pancreatitis from such fatty foods. There may even be other conditions a dog could get from these types of food such as diabetes, heart disease or high cholesterol.

Pancreatitis in dogs is very dangerous -- the main reason for this could is that there isn't a cure for pancreatitis. As a dog owner, you may have your own questions upon finding out that your or a friend's dog has pancreatitis. For the answers to any specific questions you may have, contact an Expert.
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